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  Do you own a radio, a shortwave receiver, a scanning receiver, or a ham radio? Then Monitoring Times® is your magazine! Open a copy of MT, and you will find 92 pages of news, information, and tips on getting more out of your radio listening. In fact, it's the most comprehensive radio hobby magazine in the U.S.

   Packed with up-to-date information concisely written by the top writers in the field, Monitoring Times® is your foremost guide to profiles of broadcasting and communications installations; home projects; and tips on monitoring everything from air, sea, and space to distant ports of call.

   Here's what you'll get with a subscription to MT, every month:

  • 20 pages of worldwide, English language, shortwave broadcast schedules
  • Departments on aero, military, government, public safety communications
  • Broadcast band, satellite television, long-wave coverage
  • Pirate and clandestine news and loggings
  • Reviews of new products and radio-related software
  • Technical articles and projects for the hobbyist
  • Feature articles, and much, much more

 For a look at the type of information we provide, check out topics and sample columns from the current issue. Or, order a sample copy today! Send $4.50 with your name and address to the contacts listed below under How to Subscribe, requesting your sample issue. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

MT Express

   CHECK OUT MT EXPRESS! Not only do we offer a premium monthly printed magazine, but we also offer the popular MT Express digital version of Monitoring Times. This is the best way to get your magazine as soon as it's released, right from the internet! All you have to have is an internet connection and you're ready for all the excitement of a truly interactive publication. For less than the cost of a printed subscription, you get the full magazine in pdf format with color photos throughout and active links to all web sites mentioned in the text. Click here to download a free sample issue of MT Express to see if it's for you.

How to Subscribe

Subscriptions are available at 6 month, 1, 2, and 3-year rates. To view the rates and/or to order electronically, click here to order from our publisher, Grove Enterprises. Or, for more information, email

To order with credit card you may also call 1-800-438-8155 or fax 1-828-837-2216. To order with personal check, please write:

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