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    I finally got a chance to look at the latest hi-res version of MTExpress, and it is a work of beauty! It was like I just got some new spectacles!
     All of the editorial content and just about all of the ads were crystal clear and a pleasure to read on the screen. I continue to be grateful for the clickable web links, especially for URLs like the ones on page 33.
   Keep up the good work!

Randy Phillips

     Thanks to you and the entire Monitoring Times and Grove Enterprises staff for your dedication, expertise, and consistency to the radio  hobby as a whole. Without you, I could only scratch the surface.

Jonathan Melton, AL

     Although I have worked in the electronics field for over 15 years I have only recently discovered the wonderful world of HAM  radio, scanning and in particular, the synergy of PC controlled receivers and sound card software. Interesting enough I purchased a receiver to try and  interest my son in the field/technologies, but I have been badly bitten. I must say your magazine has been an incredible source of information and ideas and the  diversity of topics it covers is tremendous. The stack of them is always right  by my side. Its too bad there is not enough time to explore or try each one. I  eagerly await each issue, find new surprises in each one and wear the cover off  each one in short time.
    A while back one of your writers posed how we could interest more people in the field. I suggest your readers go to a local boy/girl scout meeting and show them the wonderful things being sent over the airwaves (SSTV, WxSAT, digital modes) and that they could use their computer for something more than web surfing/games and they could even chat/IM with those overseas without a phone if they were to become HAMs. Perhaps they could even offer to help with the scouts working towards their radio or engineering merit badges. Perhaps MT could help with free (or low cost) reprints of some of your excellent articles  and columns (eg shortwave guide, view from above, etc).
    P.S. The recent web site listing was extremely helpful,  suggest it be updated monthly in a single page listing.

Steve Pizzo, NJ

    I have been a SWLer for 12 years now and have never seen anything like Monitoring Times. Your magazine is so excellent that I provided it to a co-worker, who is dabbling in SWLing, as a frequency guide. It's like a mini-passport to World Band radio every month. Long live MT.

Chris, Lomita, CA

   I suppose there are some who have legitimate reasons for not subscribing to MT, but I must say, those must be pretty tough issues to be really justified.  For an old late-depression era guy, I'm chagrined at the cost of most everything these days – but if you compare the cost of subscription against the pure entertainment value then it shakes out as a pretty good investment.  I certainly couldn't go to the movies once a month for the price of the annual subscription! 
           "The range and type of content is good for anyone attached to the 'radio' avocation, whether a traditional amateur operator, or a short wave listener.

Vic Culver, W4VIC/AFA2KS

     MT is awesome, dude.

Willard, via email

   I have just paid for a six month subscription of MT for a middle school. When I was in junior high school, I had a big interest in the radio hobby. Unfortunately, I could not find any good books' or magazines on this topic. This is the reason why I am paying for their subscription. I hope the kids' at Eagle Peak Middle School will learn something from MT - of course they will! MT is not only fun, but it's also an education.

Peter, Redwood Valley, CA

    Monitoring Times - It's a quality magazine staffed and operated by great people.

Jeff, via email

   Monitoring Times is an Outstanding Guide with updated schedules and frequencies listing with accurate data.


     Just want to thank you for the fun I have every month reading your magazine. Over the years I have enjoyed my Ham ticket more by reading MT, and have become active in other aspects of the radio hobby. I really have learned a great deal by reading MT, thank you so much for such an entertaining, educational publication.

Jim, Albuquerque, NM via email

  I can't recall how long I've been subscribing to Monitoring Times, but I thoroughly enjoy it. I read every issue virtually cover to cover. Your magazine is informative and entertaining; a definite asset to my radio hobby.

Monte, Nashville, TN

     I'm taking just a moment to let you know Monitoring Times is the best magazine for me. I'm a ham, SWL, scanner, and VLF listener. I've been listening since 1956. I know things are changing, but we keep right on listening. Radio will never die. Thanks for a fine magazine.

Jim, Tampa, FL

    A great magazine, up there with Nat'l Geo. I've saved all my copies and still use them as references.

Christopher, Swanton, UT

   MT is not just one of the best in the field, it is the BEST!

Ronald, Newport, NJ

     In my view you have the Watkins-Johnson of hobby magazines. Your staff ... is a very good team, unbeatable.


     I have read and subscribed to many magazines, but have never been impressed with one like I am with yours. I am a beginner in SWL and have been searching for a magazine that could help me understand and learn more about my exciting new hobby. I have never read every article in a magazine from cover to cover before.

Jack via email

    I have found that your magazine is an endless source of information for the SWL and MW enthusiasts. I appreciate your common sense approach to topics like receivers and antennas.

Terry, Plankinton, SD

    Your publications are a boon to the beginner as well as the serious enthusiast.

David, Thornton, CO

    I thank you and your staff for a fine publication. You offer material for the mind.

Henry, Erie, PA

     MT is too good to miss!

David, Londonderry, N Ireland

    I look forward to my next issue of MT. My favorite periodical ... bar none.

Richard, Oakdale, LA

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