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Radios in the Classroom: Curriculum Integration and Communication Skills --

These are great resources for any beginners -- not just students and teachers!

An ERIC Digest

by Anton J. Ninno


Integrated Learning with an AM Radio -- an AskERIC Lesson Plan

by Anton J. Ninno


Explore the World with a Radio!

by Anton J. Ninno


Tune in to the Shuttle with Shortwave Radio

by Anton J. Ninno


Introduction to Shortwave Radio in the Classroom

by Myles Mustoe


Communications Corner: Tune in News and Science with Your Shortwave


by David A. Wolf


Shortwave Radio and the Foreign Language Classroom

by Philop D. Smith


Shortwave Radio and the Second Language Class

by Joseph A. Wipf


Shortwave Radio: A Tool for Integrating the Curriculum

by Irwin L. King


Shortwave Radio as a Teaching Aid for German

by Richard E. Wood


More on the Shortwave Radio in the Classroom

by John L. Grigsby


The Speed of Light with a Shortwave Radio

by John E. Beaver


Shortwave Radio as a Teaching Aid for Portuguese

by Richard E. Wood


How Shortwave Radios Can Improve Teaching Effectiveness

by Jerrold B. Burnell


The Deutsche Welle as a Resource for Teachers of German

by Jospeh A. Wipf