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Chinese numbers recording - Watch for the discussion in the upcoming September Utility World column... (3MB file)

10 Years Ago in June:

Join in the Search for SETI - By Paul Shuch

Whispers from the Cosmos - By Larry Van Horn The amateur’s Guide to the Radio astronomy spectrum


Working the World with Digital Modes By Larry Van Horn N5FPW

This article appeared in the May 2008 issue, and is a good background article for the May 2009 lead feature listing available software packages for amateur radio’s digital modes.

Bureau of Prisons Radio System - updated May 2009

20 Years Ago in May:

"Strange Sounds"

Around the first of March, Utility columnist Hugh Stegman received an email from a reader named Ted who asked for help identifying the signals on the attached audio (4MB zip file). Here is Hugh’s analysis for your enjoyment as well.

20 Years Ago in February:

  • Radio at the End - By Larry Van Horn
    • What would a radio hobbyist likely hear, should the nuclear stalemate ever be broken and full-fledged war break out?
  • The Dynamic Duo - By Ken Cornell
    • Plans for a small active antenna plus regenerative preamplifier

10 Years Ago in February: (articles from 10 years ago to the present are available in a new 10-year anthology of Monitoring Times on DVD)

  • View from Above: Using Primary Data - By Lawrence Harris
    • As recent as 10 years ago, MT hosted several satellite columns. Last we knew, Harris still writes for Monitoring Monthly in the UK.

Clem Small’s Let’s Talk About Antennas on basic antenna theory (Sept-Nov 2008)

Complete, compiled, searchable pdf Index from 1994-2007

COTHEN ALE Updated List

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