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   I continue to be very impressed with clarity of the electronic copy downloaded. The text size, the layout, colours, etc are all outstanding; a first class job. To all those responsible WELL DONE.
   Barry, UK

   I receive many publications, QST, CQ, VHF, Ten-Ten, World Radio-on-line. I enjoy the broad coverage of MT and apart from the technical articles of ARRL's QST I consider MT the best of the bunch.

   Just downloaded the August issue, saved it in iBooks, and have read about half. Looks *great* on the iPad. This is definitely the way to go....

   Many thanks... from a lapsed subscriber. It’s good to be back (my name was actually in an issue about a year ago...). Like many other users, I download the .pdf version of the Mag into iPad and open it with iBooks. Works nicely.

   I don’t think this is any big news, but I wanted to pass this info along so I’d have a chance to say how much I really enjoy MT & all the GREAT info ya’ll put out for us every month!  Keep up the excellent work!  I love this radio stuff!  My radio hobby enjoyment has increased tremendously since I found MT as a resource.

   I have been a Monitoring Times subscriber since the days of the Monitoring Times "newspaper".
   The Jan. 2009 Monitoring Times was extremely useful and helpful. I tried the web sites in Globalnet, Utility World, and all the other departments and was pleased that I could access them the first time, Other magazines don't seem to have the knack for presenting the material in easy to use format. In a lot of cases the equipment to achieve results is out of the reach of most SWLs. Monitoring Times seems to understand that. Please don't lose sight of the SWL.
    Walter White

    Shortly, I will begin my 3rd year of my Monitoring Times, MT Express Issue. For those that aren't familiar, the express issue is a subscription issue that is downloaded as a .pdf file from the MT server. Actually my subscription to MT Express was a mistake. I checked off the wrong box on the subscription card. I must admit it took a little getting accustomed to, but now I'll never go back to hard copy. Here are some of the benefits I've discovered: save a tree, don't have to buy magazine storage boxes, don't have to carry the magazine to work, the best is, when I move my cursor across an ad, or a link, it takes a single click to go strait to the site. The best part is the content. I look forward to another year of monitoring ships on the great lakes, pirates on hf, and Monitoring Times as my reference magazine.
    Ron Hill KC8IPK

   While there’s no such thing as “a bad issue of MT,”€¯ the July edition once again raises the bar. There are just some months when the content, depth of coverage and timeliness come together in a manner not seen in other publications and with a consistency of excellence unmatched by other publishers.
   July’s offering includes one of the best features of MT, what I call a “coordinated”€¯ issue where different articles and authors share one or more common themes. This coordination makes the entire monthly issue more readable and interesting. The articles on the Fort Worth area were obviously coordinated and work together very well, while various blurbs about FEMA in several articles also provided commonality...
  Thanks again for a great issue and for the wide range of information you provide.
Robert Wyman

   I don't get to say this much, but I really appreciate all that you (Larry Van Horn) and the staff at MT do to help the monitoring community out with all the information that you fine people give out. Thanks for all your help!
Rich Kramer, N3VMY

Joe Cobb wrote, in response to a query on the Milcom list about Blue Angels airshow communications, that MT’s MT’s info is dead on€¯ ...
   (MT Express) I've just today gotten my first issue by Internet of MT. Download went without a hitch and I'm so glad to again be "in the loop." It was something the print version can't provide for those of us who are RVing most of the time. Snail Mail just didn't cut it. E-mail and direct satellite Internet connectivity sure does! Thanks again for your forward look at subscription services and information dissemination.
    Vern Modeland, W0JOG

   Even though I complained about the early mailing of MT printed copies to MT dealers, I have to tell you that I almost want the April issue not to arrive on time this month. This is because I like the contents of the March issue so much that I think, not very many columns left that I did not read. The March issue is one of the best... Thanks for squeezing so many good articles in one issue. Keep up the good work!
Ismail, KT6LN

   I've been reading Monitoring Times for about 10 years now and I just wanted to say that I think your publication is first rate. It is the premier communications periodical on the market and no other magazine covers shortwave, utility, and other hobby aspects nearly as well as MT. I've found MT especially useful in keeping up with the rapid changes in the communications field (i.e, digital broadcasting, IBOC, DRM, various scanner systems, new radios, PC radios, etc).
    Roy Unger

   I've been a subscriber since the early '80s and you have brought me a treasure chest of new things to listen to, kits to build, new areas to explore and information on my favorite hobby, listening to pirates.... just thought it was time to thank you for the many years of putting out a great publication that has an exclusive focus on my favorite thing in the world, radio.
   I ... realized what a big part of this wonderful hobby you've been a part of... not only did you open my eyes to a way to improve my listening experience, you opened up many new areas of exploration for me.
   Thank you so much for what you've done for so many people like myself. No words can ever do justice to the appreciation I have. Best wishes for many more years of MT and your vigilance in making our hobby enjoyable.
A reader in Virginia

   I just received the January issue of Monitoring Times today and was thrilled to see IRC get such a big mention in the Baudwalking column! I've been very active with IRC since the early 1990s and have long thought that radio-related IRC activity is noticeably neglected. It was nice to see a radio-related publication provide so much information about IRC and how to get started. Monitoring Times is by far my favorite radio magazine of the 5 or 6 that I subscribe to, and contributions like yours are a big reason why.
Brad McConahay

   Whether it's coverage of military frequencies or international broadcasters, you guys provide the most comprehensive look at everything from shortwave to scanning. Keep up the great work! I
Chris Boyd KG6UFW

   I finally got a chance to look at the latest hi-res version of MTExpress, and it is a work of beauty! It was like I just got some new spectacles!
   All of the editorial content and just about all of the ads were crystal clear and a pleasure to read on the screen. I continue to be grateful for the clickable web links, especially for URLs like the ones on page 33.
   Keep up the good work!
Randy Phillips

   Thanks to you and the entire Monitoring Times and GroveĀ Enterprises staff for your dedication, expertise, and consistency to the radio hobby as a whole. Without you, I could only scratch the surface.
Jonathan Melton, AL

   Although I have worked in the electronics field for over 15 years I have only recently discovered the wonderful world of HAM radio, scanning and in particular, the synergy of PC controlled receivers and sound card software. Interesting enough I purchased a receiver to try and interest my son in the field/technologies, but I have been badly bitten. I must say your magazine has been an incredible source of information and ideas and the diversity of topics it covers is tremendous. The stack of them is always right by my side. Its too bad there is not enough time to explore or try each one. I eagerly await each issue, find new surprises in each one and wear the cover off each one in short time.
Steve Pizzo, NJ

   I have been a SWLer for 12 years now and have never seen anything like Monitoring Times. Your magazine is so excellent that I provided it to a co-worker, who is dabbling in SWLing, as a frequency guide. It's like a mini-passport to World Band radio every month. Long live MT.
Chris, Lomita, CA

   I suppose there are some who have legitimate reasons for not subscribing to MT, but I must say, those must be pretty tough issues to be really justified.  For an old late-depression era guy, I'm chagrined at the cost of most everything these days -- but if you compare the cost of subscription against the pure entertainment value then it shakes out as a pretty good investment.  I certainly couldn't go to the movies once a month for the price of the annual subscription! 
   "The range and type of content is good for anyone attached to the 'radio' avocation, whether a traditional amateur operator, or a short wave listener.
Vic Culver, W4VIC/AFA2KS

   MT is awesome, dude.
Willard, via email

   I have just paid for a six month subscription of MT for a middle school. When I was in junior high school, I had a big interest in the radio hobby. Unfortunately, I could not find any good books' or magazines on this topic. This is the reason why I am paying for their subscription. I hope the kids' at Eagle Peak Middle School will learn something from MT - of course they will! MT is not only fun, but it's also an education.
Peter, Redwood Valley, CA

   Monitoring Times - It's a quality magazine staffed and operated by great people.
Jeff, via email

   Monitoring Times is an Outstanding Guide with updated schedules and frequencies listing with accurate data.

   Just want to thank you for the fun I have every month reading your magazine. Over the years I have enjoyed my Ham ticket more by reading MT, and have become active in other aspects of the radio hobby. I really have learned a great deal by reading MT, thank you so much for such an entertaining, educational publication.
Jim, Albuquerque, NM via email

   I can't recall how long I've been subscribing to Monitoring Times, but I thoroughly enjoy it. I read every issue virtually cover to cover. Your magazine is informative and entertaining; a definite asset to my radio hobby.
Monte, Nashville, TN

    I'm taking just a moment to let you know Monitoring Times is the best magazine for me. I'm a ham, SWL, scanner, and VLF listener. I've been listening since 1956. I know things are changing, but we keep right on listening. Radio will never die. Thanks for a fine magazine.
Jim, Tampa, FL

   A great magazine, up there with Nat'l Geo. I've saved all my copies and still use them as references.
Christopher, Swanton, UT

   MT is not just one of the best in the field, it is the BEST!
Ronald, Newport, NJ

   In my view you have the Watkins-Johnson of hobby magazines. Your staff ... is a very good team, unbeatable.

   I have read and subscribed to many magazines, but have never been impressed with one like I am with yours. I am a beginner in SWL and have been searching for a magazine that could help me understand and learn more about my exciting new hobby. I have never read every article in a magazine from cover to cover before.
Jack via email

   I have found that your magazine is an endless source of information for the SWL and MW enthusiasts. I appreciate your common sense approach to topics like receivers and antennas.
Terry, Plankinton, SD

   Your publications are a boon to the beginner as well as the serious enthusiast.
David, Thornton, CO

   I thank you and your staff for a fine publication. You offer material for the mind.
Henry, Erie, PA

   MT is too good to miss!
David, Londonderry, N Ireland

   I look forward to my next issue of MT. My favorite periodical ... bar none.
Richard, Oakdale, LA

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