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Frequencies used for MF transmissions:2182 kHz        Present calling frequency2187.5 kHz      Future calling frequency)2670 kHz The U.S. Coast Guard broadcasts National Weather Service offshore forecasts and storm warnings ofinterest to the mariner on 2670 kHz following an initial call on 2182 kHz. Typical transmission rangeis 50-150 nautical miles during the day and 150-300 nautical miles at night. These broadcasts areprepared by the Marine Prediction Center, Anchorage Forecast Office , Honolulu Forecast Office, MiamiForecast Office, and New Orleans Forecast Office. In the state of Alaska, medium frequency (MF) voicebroadcasts, are performed from National Weather Service Forecast Offices on a frequency of 4125 kHz .MF VOICE WEATHER BROADCAST
First Coast Guard District Group Southwest Harbor, Maine   noneGroup Portland, Maine   noneGroup Boston, Massachusetts     noneGroup Woods Hole, Massachusetts 0440Z   1640ZGroup Moriches, New York        0010Z   1210zGroup Long Island Sound, New York       noneActivities New York, New York   noneFifth Coast Guard District Atlantic City, New Jersey       1103Z   2203ZGroup Philadelphia, Pennsylvania        noneBaltimore, Maryland     noneEastern Shore, Virginia 0233Z   1403ZHampton Roads, Virginia 0203Z   1333ZCape Hatteras, North Carolina   0133Z   1303ZFort Macon, North Carolina      0103Z   1233ZSeventh Coast Guard District Group Charleston, South Carolina        0420Z   1620ZGroup Mayport, Florida  0620Z   1820ZGroup Miami, Florida    0350Z   1550ZGroup Key West, Florida noneGreater Antilles Section        0305Z   1505ZGroup St. Petersburg, Florida   0320Z   1420ZEighth Coast Guard District Group Ohio Valley       noneGroup Upper Mississippi River   noneGroup Lower Mississippi River   noneGroup Mobile    1020Z   1220Z   1620Z 2220ZGroup New Orleans       0550Z   1035Z   1235Z   1635Z   2235ZGroup Galveston 1050Z   1250Z   1650Z   2250ZGroup Corpus Christi    1040Z   1240Z   1640Z   2240ZNinth Coast Guard District Group Buffalo   noneGroup Detroit   noneGroup Sault Ste. Marie  noneGroup Grand Haven       noneGroup Milwaukee noneEleventh Coast Guard District Group Humboldt Bay      0303Z   1503ZGroup San Francisco     0203Z   1403ZGroup Los Angeles/Long Beach    0503Z   1303Z   2103ZActivities San Diego    noneThirteenth Coast Guard District Group Seattle   noneGroup Port Angeles      0615Z   1815ZGroup Astoria   0533Z   1733ZGroup Portland  noneGroup North Bend        0603Z   1803ZFourteenth Coast Guard District Group Honolulu  0545Z   1145Z   1745Z   2345ZMarianas Section        0705Z   2205ZSeventeenth Coast Guard District Communication Center Juneau     noneAir Station Kodiak      noneMarine Safety Office Valdez     noneIn the state of Alaska, medium frequency (MF) voice broadcasts, are performed from National WeatherService Forecast Offices on a frequency of 4125 kHz.

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