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Monitoring and the Law

 By Jorge Rodriguez



General and Federal

CSEA Ups Penalties for Illegal Monitoring - (Sep 02)

Our E Pluribus Unum Laws (May 03)
Monitoring Rules Apply to Police (Sep 03)

On Air but no longer On Line (online streaming - Jan 04)
Scanners in the United Kingdom (May 04)

Eight Websites for Finding Your Monitoring Law (Jun 04)

Radio Pranks Result in Federal Conviction under Patriot Act (Aug 04)

The Bill of Rights - Void Where Prohibited by Law? (Sep 04)

Dumb Radio Laws (Chattanooga, TN) (Oct 04)

The Wacky World of Antenna Regulations (Nov 04)

State Laws

CA: All Eyes on California (Oct 03)

KY: Kentucky Scanners: Use It and Lose It (Mar 04)

FL: Navigating Florida's Scanner Law (Aug 03)

FL: New Florida Law Could Ensnarl Legal Operators (Jul 04)
NY: New York Monitoring Laws (Jun 03)

NY: May the Law be with You (Adirondacks) (Feb 04)
NJ: The Garden State's Garden of Eden Law (NJ) (Jul 03)

VA: Radar Detectors in Virginia (Jul 04)

VA, WV: Scanners in Virginia and West Virginia (Jul 04)

SD: South Dakota PD Wants Your Scanner (Dec 03)



State Laws - The Listeners Lawbook by Frank Terranella, and updates from MT readers