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NWS Marine Products via Coast Guard HF Voice

NEWS FLASH: The U.S. Coast Guard HF voice broadcast from Chesapeake, Virginia, is now simulcast from New Orleans, Louisiana.

The U.S. Coast Guard broadcasts National Weather Service high seas forecasts and storm warnings from six high seas communication stations. These broadcasts are prepared cooperatively by the Marine Prediction Center, Tropical Prediction Center and Honolulu Forecast Office. Offshore and coastal forecasts are available in areas such as Alaska.

The table below lists station locations and schedules. Transmission range is dependent upon operating frequency, time of day and atmospheric conditions and can vary from only short distances to several thousand miles.

U.S. Coast Guard HF voice broadcasts are performed in the upper sideband mode using a synthesized voice known as "Perfect Paul". This voice is very distinctive and serves as in aid in identifying and copying these weather broadcasts.

HF Voice Broadcast Schedule

Chesapeake, Virginia (NMN): 
4426, 6501, 8764, 13089 and 17314 kHz (USB)
Start Broadcast 4/6/8 MHz:      0330Z(1)  0500Z(2)  0930Z(1)  
Start Broadcast 6/8/13 MHz:     1130Z(2)  1600Z(1)  2200Z(1)  2330Z(2)
Start Broadcast 8/13/17 MHZ     1730Z(2)

1       Offshore Forecasts 
2       High Seas Forecast

New Orleans, Louisiana (NMG): 
4316, 8502, and 12788 kHz (USB)
Start Broadcast         0330Z(1)  0500Z(2)  0930Z(1)  1130Z(2)  1600Z(1)
        1730Z(2)  2200Z(1)  2330Z(2)

1       Offshore Forecasts 
2       High Seas Forecast

Point Reyes, California (NMC): 
4426, 8764, 13089 and 17314 kHz (USB)
Start Broadcast 4/8/13 MHz:     0430Z   1030Z
Start Broadcast 8/13/17 MHz     1630Z   2230Z

Kodiak, Alaska (NOJ): 
6501 kHz (USB)
Start Broadcast 0203Z   1645Z

Honolulu, Hawaii (NMO): 
6501, 8764 and 13089 kHz (USB)
Start Broadcast 6/8 MHz         0600Z   1200Z
Start Broadcast 8/13 MHz        0005Z   1800Z 
Guam (NRV): 
6501 and 13089 kHz (USB)
Start Broadcast 6 MHz   0930Z   1530Z
Start Broadcast 13 MHz  0330Z   2130Z 

Carrier frequencies shown. HF voice broadcasts use synthesized voice (Perfect Paul).
ITU channel numbers as follows: 4426 (channel number 424), 6501 (channel number 601), 
8764 (channel number 816), 13089 (channel number 1205) and 17314 kHz (channel number 1625) 
Note that these Coast Guard stations share common marine ITU frequencies for their broadcasts.

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