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Having Fun with GPS

Monitoring Times article in pdf format, August 2002

By Anton Ninno and Jim Kuhl

                Business applications for Global Positioning Satellite data have skyrocketed, but ideas for recreational uses have been equally creative, if not more so. Don't read this article if you aren't prepared to run right out and buy a GPS receiver, or at the very least a topo map and a compass! Here's a great activity to share with the grandkids, but you'll have to get out of the radio shack ...


By the way, there's now a website with statistics for geocachers! You can sort by states, cities, player's names, etc. 

Sort Geocaching Statistics by US State

Sort Geocaching Statistics by Major Cities

About Anton Ninno:

Anton Ninno is a K-12 technology integration trainer at OCM-BOCES in Syracuse, New York. He has given numerous workshops and conference presentations on GPS, radios, and other educational technology tools for teachers. Anton is the co-moderator of the "Radio in the Classroom" listserv found here: