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US Joint Chiefs of Staff/Air Force Global High Frequency System

By Larry Van Horn, Assistant Editor
Monitoring Times magazine

H24: Continuous
S: Summer (April-September)
W: Winter (October-March)

Freq    GHFS            Operating Times (UTC)
(kHz)   Station
4724    Andersen        (S 1300-2000, W 1200-2030)
        Andrews (S 0430-0930, W 0200-1230)
        Croughton       (S 2230-0400, W 1800-0800)
        Elmendorf       (S 1000-1300, W 0230-1900)
        Hickam  (S 0900-1600, W 0800-1700)
        Incirlik        (H24)
        McClellan       (S 0730-1300, W 0500-1530)
        Offutt          (S 0600-1100, W 0300-1400)
        Salinas (S 0300-1000, W 0200-1100)
        Thule           (W only H24)
        Yokota  (S 1200-1930, W 0930-2200)

6712    Andrews (S 0230-0930, W2400-1230)
        Croughton       (S 2230-0400, W 1800-0800)

6739    Andersen        (S 1100-2000, W 1000-2030)
        Ascension       (1900-2400)
        Elmendorf       (S 0800-1400, W 0030-2130)
        Hickam  (S 0700-1600, W 0600-1700)
        Incirlik        (H24)
        McClellan       (S 0530-1300, S 0300-1530)
        Offutt          (S 0400-1100, W 0100-1400)
        Salinas (S 0100-1000, W 2400-1100)
        Thule           (W only H24)
        Yokota  (S 1000-2130, W 0730-2400)

8968    This frequency has been removed from GHFS service

8992    Andersen        (H24)
        Andrews (H24)
        Ascension       (H24)
        Croughton       (H24)
        Elmendorf       (H24)
        Hickam  (H24)
        McClellan       (H24)
        Offutt          (H24)
        Salinas (H24)
        Thule           (H24)
        Yokota  (H24)

10780   AF Eastern Test Range (Backup for Ascension)
        Cape Canaveral

11175   Andersen        (H24)
        Andrews (H24)
        Ascension       (H24)
        Croughton       (H24)
        Elmendorf       (H24)
        Hickam  (H24)
        Incirlik        (H24)
        McClellan       (H24)
        Offutt          (H24)
        Salinas (H24)
        Thule           (H24)
        Yokota  (H24)

13200   Andersen        (S 2000-1300, W 2030-1200)
        Andrews (S 0930-0430, W 1230-2400)
        Croughton       (S 0400-2230, W 0800-1800)
        Elmendorf       (S 1300-1000, W 1900-0230)
        Hickam  (S 1600-0900, W 1700-0800)
        McClellan       (S 1300-0730, W 1530-0500)
        Offutt          (S 1100-0600, W 1400-0300)
        Salinas (S 1000-0300, W 1100-0200)
        Thule           (H24)
        Yokota  (S 1930-1200, W 2200-0930)

15016   Andersen        (S 2000-1100, W 2030-1000)
        Andrews (S 0930-0230, W 1230-2400)
        Ascension       (0700-1900)
        Croughton       (S 0400-2230, W 0800-1800)
        Elmendorf       (S 1400-0800, W 2130-0030)
        Hickam  (S 1600-0700, W 1700-0600)
        Incirlik        (H24)
        Lajes           (H24)
        McClellan       (S 1300-0530, W 1530-0300)
        Offutt          (S 1100-0400, W 1400-0100)
        Salinas (S 1000-0100, W 1100-2400)
        Thule           (S only H24)
        Yokota  (S 2130-1000, W 2400-0730)

17976   This frequency has been removed from GHFS service

GHFS Ground Stations
ANDERSEN                Andersen AFB, Guam, near Agana
ANDREWS         Andrews AFB, Camp Springs, Maryland, near Washington, DC
ASCENSION               Ascension Island Auxiliary Air Base, Ascension Island (1)
CROUGHTON       Croughton Air Base, England, United Kingdom
ELMENDORF       Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, near Anchorage
HICKAM          Hickam AFB, Hawaii, near Honolulu/Pearl Harbor
INCIRLIK                Incirlik AB, Turkey
LAJES           Lajes Air Base, Azores (2)
McCLELLAN       McClellan AFB,  near Sacramento (3)
OFFUTT          Offutt AFB,  near Omaha
SALINAS         Salinas, Puerto Rico (this is a remote only control by Andrews)
THULE           Thule Air Base, Greenland
YOKOTA          Yokota Air Base, Japan

1.      Ascension AAB is located in the South Atlantic Ocean
2.      Lajes AB is located in the North Atlantic Ocean
3.      McClellan AFB, in northern California, is slated for closure. Therefore the station 
        has begun to appear as "West Coast" and "Sacramento" in plans.

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