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Canadian VHF/UHF Allocations

(From the January 2001 "Service Search" column by Larry Van Horn, MT Assistant Editor)

            In this edition of Service Search we feature a spectrum chart of VHF/UHF assignments used in Canada. Many thanks to Industrial Canada.

            If you want to search for a specific Canadian frequencies visit the Darkwing Duck website at There is a search engine that has been developed available on this site that will search the Industry Canada Technical and Administrative Frequency Lists (TAFL) frequency database. Information on frequency assignments of the Department of National Defense or of Canadian security agencies are not included in the TAFL.


26.965-27.405            Citizen Band (channels 1-40, same frequencies as US CB channels)

28.000-29.700            Amateur (10 meters)

29.700-30.005            Mobile/Fixed

30.000-32.000            Commercial and Military

30.005-30.010            Mobile/Space Research/Fixed

30.010-37.500            Mobile/Fixed

37.500-38.250            Mobile/Fixed/Radio Astronomy

38.250-39.986            Mobile/Fixed

39.986-40.020            Mobile/Fixed/Space Research

40.020-40.980            Mobile/Fixed

40.660-40.700            Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM)

40.980-41.015            Mobile/Fixed/Space Research

41.015-50.000            Mobile/Fixed

46.000-47.000            Ministry of Natural Resources

49.000-50.000            Ontario Hydro and Cordless Phones

50.000-54.000            Amateur (6 meters)

54.000-72.000            Television Broadcasting (same standards as US channels)

72.000-73.000            Fixed/Mobile

73.000-74.600            Astronomy

74.600-74.800            Fixed/Mobile

74.800-75.200            Aeronautical Radio Navigation (Marker beacons)

75.200-76.000            Fixed/Mobile

76.000-88.000            Television Broadcasting (same standards as US channels)

88.100-108.000            FM Broadcasting (same standards as US channels)

108.000-117.975            Aeronautical Radio Navigation

117.975-137.000            Aeronautical Mobile (Routed)

137.000-137.025            Mobile-Satellite/Meteorological-Satellite/Space Operations/Space Research

137.025-137.175            Meteorological-Satellite/Space Operations/Mobile-Satellite/Space Research

137.175-137.825            Meteorological-Satellite/Mobile-Satellite/Space Operations/Space Research

137.825-138.000            Meteorological-Satellite/Space Operations/Mobile-Satellite/Space Research

138.000-144.000            Fixed/Land Mobile/Space Research (space-to-earth) (15-kHz channel spacing)

143.565            Government Services

143.625            Government Services

143.715            Government Services

143.730-143.995            Ministry of Transportation

144.000-148.000            Amateur (2 meters)

148.000-149.900            Fixed/Land Mobile/Mobile-Satellite (earth-to-space) (15-kHz channel spacing)

148.655            Fire Interagency

148.945            RCMP

149.680            Canadian Ski Patrol

149.900-150.005            Land Mobile-Satellite (earth-to-space)/Radio Navigation Satellite

150.050-156.025            Mobile/Fixed (15-kHz channel spacing)

153.320            Canadian Ski Patrol

154.070            Fire Frequency Ontario Fire Marshals

154.175            Fire Frequency Ontario Regional Mutual Aid

155.340            RCMP

155.400            RCMP

155.430            RCMP

155.460            RCMP

155.580            RCMP

155.610            RCMP

155.640            RCMP

155.670            RCMP

155.700            RCMP

155.730            RCMP

155.880            RCMP

155.970            RCMP

156.025-157.425            Maritime Mobile (25-kHz channel spacing)

157.175            Canadian Coast Guard (Marine channel)

157.450-160.700            Mobile/Fixed (15-kHz channel spacing)

159.585            Canadian Ski Patrol

159.810-161.565            Railroad (15-kHz channel spacing)

159.975            Canadian Ski Patrol

160.975-161.525            Mobile/Fixed (15-kHz channel spacing)

161.600-162.000            Maritime Mobile (25-kHz channel spacing)

161.650            Canadian Coast Guard (Marine channel)

161.825            Canadian Coast Guard (Marine channel)

161.900            Canadian Coast Guard (Marine channel)

162.000-174.000            Mobile/Fixed

162.045            Canadian Ski Patrol

162.400            Environment Canada-Weather Radio Canada (WX-2)

162.425            Environment Canada-Weather Radio Canada (WX-4)

162.450            Environment Canada-Weather Radio Canada (WX-5)

162.475            Environment Canada-Weather Radio Canada (WX-3)

162.500            Environment Canada-Weather Radio Canada (WX-6)

162.525            Environment Canada-Weather Radio Canada (WX-7)

162.550            Environment Canada-Weather Radio Canada (WX-1)

163.050            Department of Natural Resources

163.560            Canadian Ski Patrol

163.650            Canadian Ski Patrol

164.640            Canadian Ski Patrol

166.215            Canadian Ski Patrol

166.250            Parks Canada

166.980            Canadian Ski Patrol

169.980            Canadian Ski Patrol

173.640            Canadian Ski Patrol

173.760            Canadian Ski Patrol

174.000-216.000            Television Broadcasting (same standards as US channels)

216.000-220.000            Fixed/Land Mobile/Maritime Mobile

220.000-225.000            Amateur

225.000-312.000            Military Aeronautical (Exclusive use of Canadian government)

312.000-315.000            Military Aeronautical (Exclusive use of Canadian government)/Mobile-Satellite (earth-to-space)

315.000-328.600            Military Aeronautical (Exclusive use of Canadian government)

328.600-335.400            Aeronautical Radio Navigation

335.400-387.000            Military Aeronautical (Exclusive use of Canadian government)

387.000-390.000            Military Aeronautical (Exclusive use of Canadian government)/Mobile-Satellite (space-to-earth)

390.000-399.900            Military Aeronautical (Exclusive use of Canadian government)

399.900-400.050            Land Mobile Satellite (earth to space)/Radio Navigation Satellite

400.050-400.150            Standard Frequency and Time Signal Satellite (400.100 MHz)

400.150-401.000            Meteorological Aids/Meteorological Satellite (space-to-earth)/Mobile Satellite (space-to-earth)/Space Research (space-to-earth)/Space Operation (space-to-earth)

401.000-402.000            Meteorological Aids/Space Operations (space-to-earth)/Earth Exploration Satellite (earth-to-space)/Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile

402.000-403.000            Meteorological Aids/Earth Exploration Satellite (earth-to-space)/Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile

403.000-406.000            Meteorological Aids/Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile

406.000-406.100            Mobile Satellite (earth-to-space)

406.100-410.000            Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Radio Astronomy/Fixed

410.000-414.000            Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Fixed/Space Research (space-to-space)

410.0125            RCMP UHF Dispatch

410.0375             Canada Post Corporation

410.1125             Canada Post Corporation

410.1375             Canada Post Corporation

410.2875             Canada Post Corporation

410.5625             Canada Post Corporation

410.7875             Canada Post Corporation

411.1875             Canada Post Corporation

411.7625             Canada Post Corporation

412.2875             Canada Post Corporation

413.0375             Canada Post Corporation

413.3375            RCMP UHF Dispatch

413.7375             Canada Post Corporation

414.000-415.000            Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Space Research (space-to-space)

415.000-419.000            Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Fixed/Space Research (space-to-space)

415.0125            RCMP UHF Dispatch

415.0375             Canada Post Corporation

415.1125             Canada Post Corporation

415.1375             Canada Post Corporation

415.2875             Canada Post Corporation

415.5625             Canada Post Corporation

415.6875            RCMP UHF Dispatch

415.7875             Canada Post Corporation

416.7625             Canada Post Corporation

417.2875             Canada Post Corporation

418.0375             Canada Post Corporation

418.1375             Canada Post Corporation

419.000-420.000            Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Space Research (space-to-space)

420.000-430.000            Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Fixed

421.0125-423.100            RCMP National Network (12.5-kHz spacing)

422.1625             Canada Post Corporation

422.9500            Canada Post Corporation

424.0125-428.100            RCMP National Network (12.5-kHz spacing)

427.1625             Canada Post Corporation

427.9500             Canada Post Corporation

430.000-450.000            Radiolocation/Amateur

450.000-455.000            Mobile/Fixed

451.6825             Canada Post Corporation

453.1875             Canada Post Corporation

453.3625             Canada Post Corporation

455.000-456.000            Fixed/Mobile/Mobile Satellite (earth-to-space)

456.000-459.000            Mobile/Fixed

456.0375            RCMP UHF (relays 155.970)

457.525-457.600            Shipboard use

459.000-460.000            Fixed/Mobile/Mobile Satellite (earth-to-space)

460.000-470.000            Mobile/Fixed

460.9625             Canada Post Corporation

462.5625            Canada Family Radio Service

462.5875            Canada Family Radio Service

462.6125            Canada Family Radio Service

462.6375            Canada Family Radio Service

462.6625            Canada Family Radio Service

462.6875            Canada Family Radio Service

462.7125            Canada Family Radio Service

467.5625            Canada Family Radio Service

467.5875            Canada Family Radio Service

467.6125            Canada Family Radio Service

467.6375            Canada Family Radio Service

467.6625            Canada Family Radio Service

467.6875            Canada Family Radio Service

467.7125            Canada Family Radio Service

469.1375             Canada Post Corporation

469.2625             Canada Post Corporation

469.5125             Canada Post Corporation

469.7875             Canada Post Corporation

467.525-467.575            Shipboard use

467.775-467.825            Shipboard use

470.000-608.000            Television Broadcasting  (same standards as US channels)

608.000-614.000            Radio Astronomy/Mobile Satellite except aeronautical mobile satellite (earth-to-space)

614.000-806.000            Television Broadcasting (same standards as US channels)

806.000-890.000            Mobile/Fixed

890.000-902.000            Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Radiolocation (Government of Canada shipboard radars only)

902.000-928.000            Fixed/Radiolocation (Government of Canada shipboard radars only)/Amateur/Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) [center frequency 915 MHz)

928.000-929.000            Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Radiolocation (Government of Canada shipboard radars only)

929.000-932.000            Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Fixed/Radiolocation (Government of Canada shipboard radars only)

932.000-935.000            Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Radiolocation (Government of Canada shipboard radars only)

935.000-941.000            Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Fixed/Radiolocation (Government of Canada shipboard radars only)

941.000-942.000            Fixed/Mobile except aeronautical mobile/Radiolocation (Government of Canada shipboard radars only)

942.000-944.000            Fixed/Mobile

944.000-952.000            Mobile/Fixed

952.000-960.000            Fixed/Mobile

960.000-1215.000            Aeronautical Radio Navigation



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