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Amateur Satellite Bandplans

(From the July 2000 "Service Search" column by Larry Van Horn, MT Assistant Editor)

In this month's Service Search column we will take an in-depth look at all of the current amateur satellite frequencies in use and future satellites frequency bandplans. Many thanks to the crew from the AMSAT website/weekly bulletin ( for the background on each bird.

 AMSAT Phase 3D

Status: Awaiting an Arianespace Ariane 5 launch in Kourou, French Guyana

Uplink             Digital                                    Analog

15m                 None                                        21.210-21.250

12m                 None                                        24.920-24.960

2m                   145.800-145.840                    145.840-145.990

70cm                435.300-435.550                    435.550-435.800

23cm (1)          1269.000-1269.250                1269.250-1269.500

23cm (2)          1268.075-1268.325                1268.325-1268.575

13cm (1)          2400.100-2400.350                2400.350-2400.600

13cm (2)          2446.200-2446.450                2446.450-2446.700

6cm                  5668.300-5668.550                5668.550-5668.800


Downlink         Digital                                   Analog

2m                    145.955-145.990                    145.805-145.955

70cm                 435.900-436.200                    435.475-435.725

13cm (1)            2400.650-2400.950                2400.225-2400.475

13cm (2)            2401.650-2401.950                2401.225-2401.475

3cm                  10451.450-10451.750            10451.025-10451.275

1.5cm               24048.450-24048.750            24048.025-24048.275


Beacons          General Beacon (GB)         Middle Beacon (MB)       Engineering Beacon (EB)

2m                     None                                        145.880                      None

70cm                   435.450                                   435.600                      435.850

13cm (1)            2400.200                                2400.350                    2400.600

13cm (2)            2401.200                                2401.350                    2401.600

3cm                  10451.000                              10451.150                  10451.400

1.5cm               24048.000                              24048.150                  24048.400



1. All Receivers are inverting.

2. Telemetry Beacons are for command purposes and are modulated in 400 Bit/s BPSK, AMSAT format.


MIR Space Station

86-017A/16609 Status: Operational.

145.985 MHz simplex FM voice and SSTV (Robot 36 mode)


Radio Sputnik-13 (RS-13/Cosmos 2123)

91-007A/21089 Status: Operational, in mode-KA with a 10-meter downlink and a 15-meter and 2-meter uplink. Beacon 29.504 MHz

Uplinks 21.260 to 21.300 MHz CW/SSB and 145.960 to 146.000 MHz CW/SSB Downlinks 29.460 to 29.500 MHz CW/SSB and 145.960 to 146.000 MHz CW/SSB

Robot Uplink 21.140 MHz, Downlink 29.458 MHz

More information about RS-12 and RS-13 can be found on AC5DK's RS-12/13 satellite operators page at


Radio Sputnik-15 (RS-15/Radio Rosto)

94-085A/23439 Status: Semi-operational, Mode A (2m uplink, 10m downlink). Beacon 29.352 MHz (intermittent)

Uplink 145.858 to 145.898 MHz CW/SSB and downlink 29.354 to 29.394 MHz CW/SSB

SSB meeting frequency 29.380 MHz (unofficial). Dave, WB6LLO,  has operating information for both RS-15 and RS-13 on his personal web site. In addition to satellite data, antenna information for mode A operation is also featured. The WB6LLO web site URL is


Amsat Oscar 10 (AO-10/Phase 3B)

83-058B/14129 Status: Semi-operational, Beacon: 145.810 MHz (unmodulated carrier)

Uplink: 435.030 to 435.180 MHz CW/LSB and downlink 145.975 to 145.825 MHz CW/USB

Stacey Mills, W4SM, has more information about the satellite at


Amrad Oscar-27 (AO-27/Eyesat 1/A)

93-061G/22829 Status: Operational

Uplink 145.850 MHz FM and downlink 436.792 MHz FM

An AO-27 question-and-answer page is available on the AMSAT-NA web site at


UoSAT Oscar-14 (UO-14/UoSAT 3)

90-005B/20437 Status: Operational

Uplink 145.975 MHz FM and downlink 435.070 MHz FM

Tim, KG8OC, has updated the Michigan AMSAT Information Site with UO-14 information at


SunSat (SO-35)

99-008C/25636 Status: Operational

Uplink 436.291 MHz CW/LSB and downlink 145.825 MHz CW/LSB

The SunSat package includes 1200 and 9600 baud digital store-and-forward capability and a voice 'parrot' repeater system that will be used primarily for educational demonstrations. The satellite has two VHF and two UHF transmit-receive systems. For more information on SunSat visit


Fuji Oscar 20 (JAS-1b/Fuji 2/FO-20)

90-013C/20480 Status: Operational

Uplink 145.900 to 146.000 MHz CW/LSB and downlink 435.800 to 435.900 MHz CW/USB

FO-20 is in mode JA continuously.


Fuji Oscar 29 (JAS-2/FO-29/Fuji 3)

96-046B/24278 Voice/CW Mode JA Status: Operational, rotated with digital mode and digi-talker.

Uplink 145.900 to 146.000 MHz CW/LSB and downlink 435.800 to 435.900 MHz CW/USB

Digital Mode JD Status: Operational, rotated with analog mode and digi-talker.

Uplink 145.850, 145.870, 145.910 MHz FM and downlink 435.910 MHz FM 9600 baud BPSK


KitSat Oscar 25 (KitSat 2/B/KO-25)

93-061C/22828 Status: Operational

Uplink 145.980 MHz FM and downlink 436.500 MHz FM, 9600 Baud FSK


UoSAT Oscar 22 (UoSAT F/UoSAT 5/UO-22)

91-050B/21575 Status: Operational

Uplink 145.900 or 145.975 MHz FM and downlink 435.120 MHz FM 9600 Baud FSK

More information on the satellite is available at


UoSAT Oscar 11 (UoSAT-B/UoSAT 2/UO-11)

84-21B/14781 Status: Operational

Downlink 145.825 MHz FM, 1200 baud PSK and Beacon 2401.500 MHz

More information on OSCAR-11 is available at


LuSat Oscar-19 (Microsat-D/LU-19)

90-005G/20442 Status: Currently semi-operational.

Uplink 145.840, 145.860, 145.880, 145.900 MHz 1200 bps Manchester FSK and downlink 437.125 MHz SSB, 1200 bps RC-BPSK. The CW beacon is sending eight telemetry channels and one status channel. Currently, no BBS service is available. The digipeater is active.

General information and telemetry samples can be found at


Amsat-Oscar 16 (Pacsat/AO-16)

90-005D/20439 Status: Semi-operational. Beacon 2401.1428 MHz.

Uplink 145.900, 145.920, 145.940, 145.860 MHz FM, 1200 bps Manchester FSK and downlink 437.0513 MHz SSB, 1200 bps RC-BPSK 1200 Baud PSK. A new WOD collection of current graphics (dated 02/26/2000) can be found at


TMSAT-1 (TO-31)

98-043C/25396 Status: Operational

Uplink 145.925 MHz 9600 baud FSK and downlink 436.925 MHz 9600 baud FSK


UoSAT-12 (UO-36)

99-021A/25693 Status: Operational

Uplink 145.960 MHz, 9600 baud FSK and downlink 437.025, 437.400 MHz, 9600 baud FSK

Further information on UO-36 is available from


ItamSat Oscar 26 (IO-26)

93-061F/22826 Status: Semi-operational. Digipeater function is on.

Uplink 145.875, 145.900, 145.925, 145.950 MHz FM and downlink 435.822 MHz SSB, 1200 Baud PSK


On-Line Extra - The following material did not appear in the July printed edition

The following satellites are in orbit but are non-operational at this time:

KitSat KO-23 (92-052B/22077)

Uplink 145.850, 145.900 MHz FM and downlink 435.175 MHz FM, 9600 Baud FSK


RS-12 (99-007A/21089)

Beacon 29.408 MHz

Uplink 145.910 to 145.950 MHz CW/SSB and 21.210 to 21.250 MHz CW/SSB

Downlink 29.410 to 29.450 MHz CW/SSB and 145.910 to 145.950 MHz CW/SSB

Robot Uplink 21.129 MHz, Downlink 29.454 MHz


TechSat-1B (GO-32) (98-043D/25397)

Downlink 435.225 MHz, HDLC telemetry

Last reported, the satellite does not have a continuous beacon, but does transmit a 9600-baud burst every 30 seconds (for a continuous 3 seconds in length), currently on 435.225 MHz.

The TechSat team has constructed a home page about TechSat at


PanSat (PO-34) (98-064B/25520)

Uplink/downlink frequencies have never been released.The satellite is not currently available for uplink transmissions. PanSat, developed by the Naval Postgraduate School, was launched from the shuttle Discovery (during STS-95) on October 29, 1998. At the time of launch, PanSat spread-spectrum digital transponders were promised to be available to amateur radio operators along with software to utilize this technology. To date, this has not happened. For more information, visit the official PanSat web site at


DO-17 (DOVE) (90-005E/20440)

Beacon 2401.220 MHz

Downlink 145.825 MHz FM, 1200 Baud AFSK

DOVE stopped transmitting in March 1998. The 145.825 MHz and 2401.220 MHz downlinks are off the air and the satellite has not responded to ground station control. No additional information is available at this time.


WeberSat (WO-18) (90-005F/20441)

Downlink 437.104 MHz SSB, 1200 Baud PSK AX.25. WO-18 is reported to be in MBL mode after a software crash.


SedSat (SO-33)  (98-061B/25509)

Downlink 437.910 MHz FM 9600 Baud FSK

The satellite is not currently available for uplink transmissions and image and transponder recovery efforts have been unsuccessful. For more information on SedSat-1 visit the satellite web site at

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