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Monitoring Times® Index 1999

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American Bandscan / ...and More! / Antenna Topics / Beginner's Corner / Below 500 kHz / Bob's Tip of the Month / Closing Comment / Computers & Radio / Digital Digest / Experimenter's Workshop / Federal File / Global Forum / HOT NEWS / K.I.S. Radio / Launching Pad / Magne Tests / MilCom / On the Ham Band / Outer Limits / PCS Front Line / Plane Talk / Programming Spotlight / Propagation Conditions / QSL Report / Reviews / Scanner Euipment / Scanning Report / Service Search / Utility World / View from Above / Washington Whispers



Around the World by Radio--DEC
Behind the Mic at Columbia Square--MAR
Radio Australia looks to the Future--FEB
Radio Canada Intl--SEP
Song of the Coconut Is (Indonesia)--OCT
The New VOA--AUG
TIS - Original Microbroadcasters--NOV
Turning Point for Intl Broadcasting--JAN
1998 Shortwave Year in Review--MAR
193rd Special Operations Wing--JUN

Human Interest:

Alone on the Pacific (Mick Bird)--MAY
A Volunteer for the CG Auxiliary--APR
Eyewitness at the Solar Eclipse--OCT
My First Radio--SEP


A Common Date/Time Standard--JAN
Compliance Enforcement at FCC-MAY
Privacy Bill Resurrected-APR


Join the Search for ET--JUN
Live Pictures from Mir--JUN
Tuning in to Radio via Satellite--MAR
Weather Satellite Primer--JUL
Whispers from the Cosmos--JUN


DXing the VHF Low Band--OCT
Guide to Aerial Refueling--MAR
How to Identify FM Skip--FEB
MD State Police Helicopters--AUG
San Diego Regional Comm Sys--OCT
Scanning across the Pond--JUL
Scanning in Las Vegas--JUL
Tracker Tips--SEP
Tuning in to the Power Grid--DEC
Vacation Scanning at Yellowstone--JUL

Technology and Technical:

Aerial Magic--APR
Aiming Your HF Antenna--DEC
Alternative Power Set-up--JAN
Build Your Own Wx Station--AUG
Back Yard Beverage--APR
Construct an L-Band Feedhorn--APR
Filters - the Critical Element--DEC
Hey, hey, hey - ItÕs Y2k--OCT
Improvements to the Sony 2010--AUG
Monitoring Strategies for Y2k--NOV
OptoCom receiver review--MAY
Quadraform LF Loop Antenna--NOV
Radio Propagation and the Sun--FEB
Random Length Wire Antenna--APR
Tape Recording from the Radio--SEP


DXing Latin America by Air--SEP
Homing in on LF Beacons--NOV
Monitoring the Crisis in the Balkans--JUN
The Rise and Fall of WCC--DEC
Time Standard Stations--JAN


JAN Bits and Pieces
FEB DXing on the Road; expanded band news
MAR Three letter acronyms and other annoyances; applicants for CBC AM channels; expanded band map
APR Beaming In (directional arrays)
MAY Domestic DXers Abroad; expanded band news; harmonics
JUN Book reviews of AM Broadcast Stations, AM Radio Log, FM Atlas
JUL FCC Online
AUG IDing that unID
SEP New and improved expanded band stations
OCT Fading - is it inevitable?
NOV Y2k and Broadcasting; US-Mex agreement on expanded band
DEC Crystal Ball; digital TV DX; other services on 1610

...AND MORE! (renamed Easy Access Radio)

JAN Maxon's Full-Featured FRS-214
FEB Cherokee's Potent FR-460
MAR Motorola's New TalkAbout TA280
APR Motorola's TalkAbout Distance GMRS
MAY Cherokee's FR-465plusVW FRS; 47 CTCSS tone table
JUN Cobra's Formidable Line of MicroTalk FRS Radios
JUL Drake FRS Sport 110 raises the ante
AUG GMRS Rule Changes
SEP Maxon's High Quality GMRS 21X
OCT First Alert WX-67
NOV Oregon Scientific WR-102 weather radio
DEC Cobra's Innovative MicroTalk Weather FRS radio


JAN The Half-Square Beam; Antennas and Techniques for Low-Band DXing
FEB What difference does a dB make?
MAR Handy Tool for Antenna Work (MFJ 259B)
APR What Does an Antenna Do?
MAY Direction Finding Techniques and Antennas
JUN Repeaters and their Antennas, cavity resonators
JUL Vacation with an Antenna
AUG Antennas Designed for Reception
SEP What is a "DX Antenna"?
OCT Remote-Control of Antennas
NOV The Many Faces of Lightning
DEC The Popular Half-Wave Antenna


JAN Around the World Yet Again
FEB Getting Started in Amateur Radio
MAR Indoor Antennas and More
APR Great Radio Reads
MAY Setting up a monitoring post
JUN Kit Building the Uncle Skip Way
JUL Special Summer Listening (weather events, fairs, sports, special event stations, DXpeditions, etc)
AUG Radio Tools from the Office Supply Store
SEP Listening 101
OCT Developing Logging and Confirmation Skills
NOV That Pesky Propagation
DEC Keep on Having Fun!

BELOW 500 kHz

JAN Nipping the Noise; Beacon Directory
FEB Lowfer Update; GWEN gone; new LF band?; hunting for S118
MAR Voice BCs on Low Freqs; active TWEB and AWOS stns; DX camp results
APR Longwave towers; West Coast net
MAY Longwave Online; loggings
JUN Ham Band Update; Euro-Beacon Guide; logs
JUL Your FAQs Answered
AUG Surfin' for LW Sites
SEP Natural Radio - An Introduction
OCT Natural Radio - The Hardware
NOV Did you know? IDs; call assignments; FAA beacons; splinter freqs; harmonics; homebrew natural radio
DEC A Look Back (letter from ship radio officer)


JAN Spool antenna for portable SWLing
FEB Converting an AM/FM for aircraft/public safety reception
MAR Hints by the Handful (24 hr time on 12hr watch; check Uniden for RS cost savings; custom cataloging MT articles; dust your radios)
APR Synchronous detection and digital RF signal generator for the technically adept
MAY Better reel antenna/Memory keep-alive while changing batteries
JUN Roll your own NiCds
JUL More on the fat vs. thin antenna wire; more on license-free wireless mike; more on Sony memory battery replacement
AUG Two radios, one antenna; one radio, two antennas
SEP Pocket organizers and PDAs; reducing circuit noise in used rcvrs; using your car stereo for scanner/sw sound
OCT More Sony ICF-2010 audio Improvements (better audio, better bandwidth); circuit correction for August feature
NOV More earphone audio on BC scanners
DEC Fixing intermittent Sony 2010 battery operation


JAN The Millennium Dilemma: Myth or Monster?
FEB Bits and Pieces (ridiculous regulation; Leonid meteor storm; hobby rebound)
MAR Great Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth (The Right to Listen; A New Ham Test?)
APR Radio Waves and the Human Body
MAY The FCC on the Hot Seat
JUN Scanner Listeners and the Law
JUL The Frequencies, They are a'Changin'!
AUG In Opposition to "Technospeak"
SEP The Results are In - How Do You Measure Up?
OCT Y2k - Myth or Monster? You decide.
NOV Looking Back as We Move Forward
DEC Greetings from the MT Staff!


JAN A Reflection on Computers & Radar
FEB 3.4 Million freqs (Grove FCC database) and the COMDEX Report
MAR AirNav 2.10
APR DXtreme Software's SWRLgold V3.0
MAY Software radio prospects / SkySpy ACARS decoding program
JUN Interfacing with the Icom IC-R2 (build or buy interface, R2 utility program)
JUL Get the Picture with RadioCom 3.52
AUG Seeing is Believing with VisualRadio
SEP Flight Databases Plus v4.0 ACARS Add-on
OCT AirNav 3 - NOT Just a Revision!
NOV The Duality of Life on the Internet (purchases gone wrong)
DEC The Better Side of the Internet (Jet Radio)


JAN Who's on Where?
FEB Who's on Where? Part 2
MAR Twinplex - SITOR ARQ on the Double; new sequential duplex ARQ system?
APR Catch Coquelet-8 before it's too late
MAY Gearing up for complex decoding
JUN Old systems going strong (Havana, Cairo embassies)
JUL Computerized Monitoring Aids (NSK PC Freq Manager)
AUG Robust Romania
SEP Piccolo
OCT TwoÕs Company, Thirty Six is a CROWD; Chinese diplo moving to PSK
NOV PSK - HF Digital's Brave New World
DEC PSK - Part 2


JAN Mastering the Grove FCC Database
FEB Data Decoder Interface for Trunk Following
MAR Soup up your Computer for Radio
APR Dual Polarity Power Supplies
MAY 4-Level FSK data decoder interface
JUN Modifying the Sony WaveHawk - baseband audio, data decoding, S-meter, AM and WFM baseband taps, tape recording, backlight, extended memory
JUL Computer Update: Trends & Features
AUG Tools & Techniques (building and equipping the workbench)
SEP Update on Computer Networking - II
OCT Computer Tools, Utilities, and Tips for Radio
NOV Electroluminescent Panels
DEC The End of an Era


FEB Where have all the fed freqs gone? (Standard Federal Trunked land mobile systems); 163-163.9875 allocations
APR Nat'l Disaster Medical Sys; more on 120.375 MHz; 164-164.9875 MHz allocations
JUN Monitoring in W. Arkansas; DEA in San Diego; FF updates from readers; 165-165.9875 MHz allocations
AUG US Fish and Wildlife Service; 166-166.9875 allocations
OCT Fed Files mailbag: NC Feds, More FBI Freqs, US Fish and Wildlife update, Blue Ridge Pkwy; 167-167.9875 MHz allocations
DEC Monitoring Y2k the Government Way (by-agency and by-freq listings)


JAN Update on HCJB's Pifo Problem
FEB "Anything Goes" Gone
MAR France Snubs Western English Speakers
APR Sunspot Peak; BBC Comes Clean about 3-year plan
MAY Antarctica's Archangel on the Air
JUN Find it on the web (IBB; SEC)
JUL China Sneaks in Cuban Relay
AUG Arne Skoog 1913-1999
SEP Thanks to Cuba and China, Jamming Continues
OCT Deutsche Welle Faces Radial Cutbacks; DonÕt Miss Radio St Helena Day
NOV WBCQ Celebrates One Year
DEC CIDX SW Listener Survey


JAN Program Changes in a new BCing Season (R Prague, R Vlaanderen, R Netherlands, WRN, Polish R Warsaw, R Australia, R Taipei Intl, BBC America, WRN-1
MAR Radio Waves, VOA to Africa, views of earth from space on internet, Art Bell update
APR BBC Singapore; DAB portable receivers; ODXA Milestone; EDXP electronic newsletter; Hard-Core DX emailing list; Mac using SWLs on the increase; WRN selected programming
MAY DW Radio Worlds; Grove free stuff; WWCR DX block; ODXA Radio Fest; Internet radio; sunspot webpage; NOAA radio; selected programs
JUL Kosovo Crisis
OCT Radio Republik Indonesia
NOV SWL Programs
DEC BBC, RN highlights; new SW WTJC, Newport, NC


JAN "Doomsday Radio" (survival communications)
MAR Restoring the Hallicrafters S-38
MAY More Mobile Station Solutions
JUL Kits to Keep it Simple
SEP Audio Enhancing Devices (DSP)
NOV Bringing Hidden Treasures to Life


JAN Is this Mess Necessary?
FEB Let's Accessorize!
MAR Putting it all together
APR Prosat DVB Digital Receiver
MAY Satellite Launch Update
JUN Multi-Satellite Reception with a Fixed Dish
JUL Touring the Atlantic Satellites
AUG Zinwell DVB Satellite Receiver; Bob Cooper
SEP Uniden's SQ-590: Last Chance for a Talented Receiver
OCT Hot Tips on Cold LNBs
NOV Your DVB Questions Answered
DEC DBS Update: The Latest on Small Dish TV


(Reprints of Magne Tests reviews are not available.)
JAN Grundig Platinum Traveller Portable; Drake no longer servicing older models
MAR RS DX-397 Compact Portable
APR Emergency Radio: Info-Mate 837; Sony introduces ICF-SW07
MAY Sony's ICF-SW07 ROM-tuned portable
JUN Luke DP-976 Emergency Radio
JUL Latest Version of Japan Radio's NRD-545; Grundig Yacht Boy 300PE being introduced
AUG Grundig Yacht Boy 300PE
SEP Icom IC-R75
OCT WiNRADiO 1500e PC Receiver
NOV Virtual Radio: Icom IC-PCR1000
DEC Kachina's Proposed KC-105CRX Receiver (a look at Kachina KC-505 tx)


JAN Monitoring the E-8 Joint Stars; Spectrum holes; NJ mil freqs
MAR The 1999 Air Show Season, Blue Angel and Thunderbird skeds and freqs; US Army MARS freqs and designators; midwest air-to-air loggings
MAY The Hidden Military Aircraft Band; What's on 138.925?; midwest monitoring; Coronet and HF refueling freqs; N. Fla milair freqs
JUL USS Enterprise; MCAS Yuma; NG Y2K Exercise; Naval tailcodes & callsigns
SEP New HF Zulu Freq Found; Mystic Star Update; Randolph AFB; 442nd Fighter Wing presets; Wright Patterson TRS
NOV The Civil Air Patrol; Des Moines Intl and midwest logs; Have Quick freqs; MacDill AFB; Military trunking systems survey


JAN You can bet on this Bob-tail; Building and Using Baluns and Ununs
FEB Restructuring; Radio Shack repeater; Hiram Percy Maxim; email
MAR Let's Talk about Ham Radio; The Internet and the Michigan Mighty Mite QRP transmitter
APR W6SAI HF Antenna Handbook; QST archive projects - Pitchfork antenna, playing checkers on the air
MAY SWLing for hams; Flight of the Bumblebees
JUN Adventure Radio Society; Light House Day and other special events; Hamcalc Ver 38; ARRL web site and Ike's soap box
JUL A Different Antenna (Hentenna)
AUG Is It High Enough?
SEP Clandestine Radio (compact and hidden antennas); 6-m FM
OCT Cutting Your Losses (transmatch); Mosley antennas; entertaining hams
NOV Ike's Santa List
DEC Hamming on the Internet; AM freqs


JAN Four SW Pirates Busted by FCC; Joe Mama killed; Metallica 
FEB SW Pirates adjust to FCC Busts; R Cochiguaz; Stoneham maildrop closing
MAR Pirate Radio at Winter Fest; R Free Vermont vs. FCC; new S American address; bust update
APR New editors at Free Radio Weekly; New ACE address; Europirates audible; clannie news
MAY Jimmy the Weasel bust; Radio World endorses LPFM; W807; Europirates still heard
JUN Radio Free Berkeley Returns; Radio Caroline; Serb Clans?; S Am Pirates
JUL ANARC Net on Summer Vacation; Schoech QSL page; FCC embarrassed; Radio Eclipse wins Poll
AUG Jimmy the Weasel Denies Bust; WBCQ schedule; Radio San Miguel
SEP Numbers Station CD Available (Smolinski); Finn web page; Radiodifusora Paraton
OCT La Voz de Alpha 66 Founder Dies; South American Pirates; Another micropirate bust; Zantow web site
NOV South American Pirates; Berkeley Liberation Radio
DEC Winter Prop Boost Europirates; Clandestine Radio Watch


FEB Protection against cellular fraud (authentication, RF fingerprinting; wireless telephone protection act, subscription fraud, insider fraud, network intrusions); 220 MHz auction
APR Touching Bases: Iridium, Globalstar, AT&T, Sprint PCS, AirCell; Sony phone warning
JUN Surfing the Web on a Mobile Phone - wireless apps, smart phones, GPRS, Bluetooth, Ricochet
AUG Who Pays for that Cellular Call?; new area codes; new spectrum allocations; Global System for Mobiles
OCT Iridium Woes; FBI Stalls Satphone Licenses; Dial 911 Anywhere
DEC The Evolution of PCS, Globalstar, Orbcomm


JAN More HF Control Frequencies
FEB Monitoring Accessories and Activities; western hemisphere MWARAs
MAR March Madness (humor); ATC separation standards
APR ATCC simulation; Murphy's Law; Delta map and Salt Lake City freqs, Minn/St Paul freqs
MAY Enhanced Traffic Management; System; Airport surveillance radar
JUN A Toast to Air Traffic Controllers
JUL Shanwick Radio; Airport Movement Area Safety System(AMASS)
AUG Travel with the Flying Pig (videos); A visit to Poland's ATC
SEP Stockholmradio; SF Bay Tower freqs; transponder code assignments
OCT Airport Hopping - Balt-Wash Intl, Wash Reagan Natl, Dulles Intl, Chicago Midway, St Louis KS, Kansas City Intl; Light Humor
NOV Florida Freqs; Chicago O'Hare; Wash DC; Murphy's Law
DEC Forth Worth ARTCC; book review Five Miles and a Thousand Feet; LAX video available from Flying Pig


JAN Learning to Fish - 1(finding programming on your own)
FEB Learning to Fish - 2
MAR The Literate Listener (books read on air)
APR OK, Where do I start? (beginning listener)
MAY One for the Veteran Listener (quiz)
JUN Down Memory Lane (answers)
JUL Traditional Life (programs which reflect a culture)
AUG Summer Heat: Sport and (BBC) Controversy
SEP Music on SW - Evening Prime
OCT Music on SW - Morning Prime
NOV Music on SW - Foreign
DEC Charting a Future for Int'l Broadcasting


JAN Worldwide Broadcasting Conflicts
FEB Sounding the Ionosphere
MAR Causes and Effects of Ducting
APR Bibliography of the Sun
MAY Bibliography of the Sun - II
JUN Knife Edge Refraction
JUL ELF/VLF/LF Prop Modes - I
AUG ELF/VLF/LF Prop Modes - II
OCT Where to Listen in 1999
NOV How to Use This Page
DEC Santa Claus - a Man of Many Modes! (changing navigational modes)


JAN Nordic SW Center Website
FEB Double Dutch Treat
MAR Sign of the Times? (changing QSL policies)
APR Signs of the Times - Part Deux?
MAY The SWL QSL card museum
JUN You Asked for It (no lead-in topic)
JUL Summer Grab Bag (Cambodia, Cumbre DX, MARS)
AUG Hot August QSLs (RTBF)
SEP September, and the DXing is Easy!
OCT QSL VHF Low Band Stations
NOV DXing India
DEC Special QSL Cards for DXers (R Australia and German Maritime Radio)


JAN Alpha Delta speaker / Icom Q7A Tx
FEB Crane/Sangean CCRadio
MAR Bose v. Zenith Challenge / Sony ICF-B200
MAY JRC NRD545 with VHF/UHF converter / OptoCom receiver (feature)
JUN EXP-1750 LF transceiver kit
JUL Kloss Model 88 AM/FM radio
AUG MFJ Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer MFJ-1026 / Radio Shack Tuner Control Cleaner & Lubricant
SEP E-Trax software utility
OCT Kachina 505DSP
NOV Klockit clock kits
DEC Active Duck for Handhelds / Tigertronics BP-2M digital modem


JAN AOR AR7000 Wide Coverage Receiver
FEB Radio Shack PRO-2066 Mobile Trunking Scanner; Improved feel for Drake R8B tuning knob; Download Uniden user manuals
MAR ICOM RS-8500 Software; PRO-34 discriminator output
APR Icom IC-R2 Portable Scanner; ITT Mackay Marine 3031A rcvr
MAY Remote Scanner Monitoring; Longer MX-4000/4200 battery life; PRO-7A repair
JUN Mini-Circuit's ZFSC-4-1 Splitter; more notes on Icom IC-R2; new Electra Corp scanner?; Batteries Plus; Skyway aircraft band converter
JUL Racing Electronics RE2000 Alpha Portable Scanner; May column correction
AUG AOR AR16 portable scanner; Harris RF-590 receiver
SEP Uniden BC245XLT TrunkTracker II
OCT Plectron R700 Monitor Receivers
NOV Uniden BC278CLT Scanner
DEC Uniden BC248CLT Scanner


JAN Flying and Scanning by GPS
FEB A Lesson from Boston Police Radio; lesson about messing with the media; Police Call 1999
MAR Future Railroad Scanning (trunking debate); scanning antennas & Nil-Jon antenna review; Massachusetts Monitoring (part 2, completed)
APR CES 99 Report; BC-245XLT announcement; CT state police update; scanner repair (G&G Comm); Ft Worth TX public safety sys; Savannah / Chatham Co / Tybee Is. GA trunked repeater system
MAY Scanner Marketing-you tell us; Disaster monitoring in Canada; Utah Co UT trunking; Montgomery Co PA trunking; Ericsson plans in N Calif
JUN CT SP on the Move; Nil-Jon antenna follow-up; contributions & queries from readers; Trends in pub safety comms
JUL The Digital Dilemma; open airwave policy in Las Vegas; Longview, TX, trunking; NWS computer-generated voice
AUG The Bearcat 245XLT - What's it all about?; Palm Beach Co FL sheriff, fire/rescue, W Palm Beach trunked system
SEP The Good Old Days (LAPD comms on Adam-12); Scanner Marketing follow-up; Busch Stadium, Halifax, Portland, trunked systems
OCT Canadian Digital Scanners; Groton CT Fire Dispatch; Promoting Scanners; Consolidation Continues; Wash State Ops; Southern Linc Blues; Wilmington NC Trunking
NOV Big Changes in the Big Apple; scanner marketing follow-up; Wash Co OR trunking; new CA business licenses
DEC Uniden's SmartScanner (how service works); Trunking Report (Pinellas and Pasco Co, Fla); Police Call excerpt Vol 8


MAY Marine Radio Monitoring
JUN Civil Aero Assignments
JUL Gearing up for a Revolution (refarming); State Law Enforcement Agency Allocations
AUG Emergency Medical Allocations
SEP Forestry Conservation (state & local)
OCT Police Service Allocations
NOV Highway Maintenance Service
DEC Fire Frequency Allocations


JAN Rescue Coordination 1999
FEB Listen for USAF Salinas Global (GHFS)
MAR More Israeli Intelligence Freqs
APR Sunspots (solar cycles and how to interpret solar indices reports)
MAY Monitor the Y2K Countdown
JUN More Maritime Changes; Numbers update; HWK7 not French Navy
JUL Are Planes Going Digital? HF ACARS; More New Star
AUG Globe Wireless jumps the Morse ship, Global Radio Network
SEP Updated CG Wx Sked; drug war leaves Panama; web ute resources; bogus numbers BCs
OCT Spooks around the Clock; More Cuban Strangeness; Spook Radio Schedules
NOV US Armed Forces on HF?
DEC Y2k, the Witching Hour Approaches - likely activity , freqs, dates, agencies, callsigns, nets


JAN Wild and Wooly Weather (Wxsats; Resurs; GOES-8; STS Orbit plus; Kepler element sources)
FEB Using Primary Data formats
MAR Watching Iraq; operational Wxsats; Polar Wxsat status; Sich-1 and Okean-4; GOES Y2K tests; GOES-L; solstice images
APR Scanning the Weather Sats
MAY So GOES the weather; DMSP image; new products
JUN Storms over Yugoslavia; NOAA-15 Chan 3A,B; NOAA APT Calibration markers; NOAA-15 data drop-outs; Using NOAA data
JUL Beauty and the Beast - antennas, computer upgrades; operational wesats; new Chinese Wesat; new Landsat launched; new Indian imaging sat; first pics from Insat-2E; correspondence from India
AUG Seasonal Satellite Viewing; FengYun-1C; Free tracking software; Wxsat launches; GOES-L launch delayed
SEP WeSats Here to Stay: GOES Wefax; Wxsat emailing list; GOES-L launch delay; more software and updates; images of hot weather
OCT Way to Go, GOES! NOAA information sites; sources of current Kepler elements
NOV More on GOES-East; operational Wxsats; short-term outages from GOES
DEC To Build or to Buy?; Operational Wxsats; Iceberg imaged; EMWIN; GOES-East


JAN FCC Curbs Violations
FEB Renter's antenna rights; new WTB bureau chief; Sony recall; HDTV future
MAR FCC agenda for 1999; coalition petitions FCC to let market determine high speed Internet; e-commerce and reforming FCC on Congress agenda; low power FM NPRM on FCC website; 19 pirates shut down; equipment approval system privatized and streamlined; real estate alliance appeals satellite dish ruling
APR FCC Proposes Low Power FM Service
MAY NR514 passes House; Tauzin opposes LPFM; taxing internet coming; FCC shuts down Vibes 89.1 FM , Grizzly Peak repeater, ham operators
JUN Amateur Satellite (was) to Promote Commercial Venture
JUL From Information Superhighway to Super Speedway!
AUG EAS vs EBS; Israeli ATC vs pirates; reduced Morse code requirements worldwide; area code shortage; FCC investigating 10-10 services; FCC reconsiders slamming; annoying email violate US law?
SEP Low Power BCing Creates Uproar
OCT LPFM Broadcasting not RFI Threat
NOV The Migration to Digital Radio
DEC Reply Comments Pour in on Low Power FM Broadcasting

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