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Monitoring Times® Index 1998

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China Radio International--Sep
Inside Italy's RAI--Nov
Logging FM DX--Aug
Mountain Voice (TIS)--Aug
Nigerian Clandestines--Feb
Radio Difusora de Poços de Caldas--Dec
Tropical Band DXing--Dec
WYFR Story--Oct
Zambia's Christian Voice--Sep
Human Interest:
Excellent DX Adventure -- Aug
Jamming Wall -- Nov
Real World Radio -- Jan
1997 MT Index -- Jan
1998 International CES-- Mar
ACE Solar Storm Alert -- Feb
Apartment Monitoring -- Nov
Art of Professional Dispatching -- Jan
Car DXing -- Apr
CIA vs. Saddam Radio War -- May
Cryptography -- Oct
Cypress Gardens Radio Museum -- Aug
DXing on the High Seas -- Jun
Future According to COMDEX -- Feb
Ham Radio for Boaters -- Jun
Now it can be told (Greek Is) -- Oct
Take a SW DXpedition -- Sep
World-Class DXing -- Mar
Digital Alternatives in Satellite TV -- Dec
Inmarsats and How to Hear Them -- Nov
Baltimore-Wash Intl Airport -- May
Blue Angels -- May
Close Encounter w/a Twister -- Jul
Counter Intelligence -- Mar
Identifying Trunked Radio Systems -- Dec
Marine Monitoring on Chesapeake -- Jun
Mother, Jugs, and Speed? -- Jul
Trunking Profile for Atlanta -- Jan
VORTAC Goes the Distance -- May
Technology and Technical:
AM Transmitter Site -- Apr
Antennas for Emergency Ops -- Jul
Canada's Billion Dollar Boat -- Jun
Dealing w/Strong Signals (tuners) -- Apr
Dual-Band VHF/UHF J-Pole -- Apr
Installing Oak Tree Antenna -- Apr
LORAN-C Navigation System -- Jun
Magnetic Loop Antennas for AM -- Aug
Quickie, Snap-on Tower Bracket -- Apr
Restoring that old AM Radio -- Aug
Safe SHOALS -- Mar
Simple Battery Discharger -- Mar
Splitting a Signal -- Jan
The Ten-Tec Receiver Kit (1254) -- Sep
Turntable for Loops -- Apr
Use Your Mobile Scanner Antenna -- Feb
Varicap Tuned Receiving Loops -- Apr
The Happy Hobbyist (HF scan) -- Sep
Monitoring FEMA -- Jul
Unlocking the Mysteries of SW -- Oct


JAN-- A Cool Beverage (antenna); sporadic-e; Kiwa pocket regenmodule
FEB-- What happened to the 10-watters? Expanded band news
MAR-- Digital BCing in Canada; expanded band news
APR-- Ice vs Towers; call letter changes
MAY-- Skip Time; Expanded Band News
JUN-- Legal Pirates?
JUL-- DX Safety (lightning etc); unidirectional antenna?;record-breaking tropo reception
AUG-- New AM Targets; expanded-band news
SEP-- DX Predictions (propagation); expanded band notes; Chicagomegatower
OCT-- 'The Expanded Band Times'; Australia & UK BC databases online, AM stereo page, Denver news
NOV-- Beverage Questions; Bits and Pieces from Canada
DEC-- ¿Habla Español? (IDing Spanish languagestations)


JAN-- Family Radio Service--the next CB?
FEB-- How to be a hometown hero (Ch 9 emergency monitoring)
MAR-- Helping Traffic w/GMRS
APR-- Maxon Sp-100G GMRS HT
MAY-- Cherokee's Terrific FR-465
JUN-- Icom's VHF Marine Transceiver
JUL-- Cherokee CB SSB AH-100
AUG-- Icom's Potent IC-4008A FRS
SEP-- Motorola's TalkAbout( FRS
OCT-- Kenwood's Easy to use FreeTalk (FRS freqs)
NOV-- Radio Shack's Easy FRS Radios
DEC-- Oregon Scientific & Midland weather receivers


JAN-- Antenna faults and how to find them
FEB-- Antenna Faults, part two
MAR-- Is Your Antenna Resonant?
APR-- Building Vertical Antennas
MAY-- You Need dB Aware of Decibels
JUN-- What's Wrong with my Dipole?
JUL-- TDR on a Budget
AUG-- Design Your Own Field Day
SEP-- The Right Antenna for the Frequency
OCT-- Some Hard to Spy Antennas
NOV-- Why all the noise about noise?
DEC-- Christmas Tree Antennas


JAN-- Scanning beyond the ordinary (scouting out new freqs)
FEB-- Reviewing the Basics (good communications skills)
MAR-- QSLing "the Blanks"
APR-- Get w/the Amateur Program (books)
MAY-- Air Show Fun
JUN-- Marine Radio Connections (collecting)
JUL-- Mobile Emergency Preparedness
AUG-- Summertime Mediumwave Fun
SEP-- Planning for SW Season
OCT-- "Spooky" Radio Listening (bandscan for the unusual)
NOV-- Understanding Radio Waves
DEC-- Listening Tips for the Beginner

BELOW 500 kHz

JAN-- Lowfer Update

FEB-- Away from Home (DXing), Euro Guide; Low power in Canada
MAR-- Pirate Beacons; 73 kHz resources
APR-- 1912 Remembered (Titanic)
MAY-- Hams on Longwave?
JUN-- Make Your Own Signals (lowfer transmitter circuit)
JUL-- Closer to Getting on the Air (part 2)
AUG-- Getting on the Air (part 3)
SEP-- LF Exp Source Book; more on the Titanic
OCT-- Better Beginnings (converters and how to use, listening targetsand directories)
NOV-- Tips from Readers: Euro LF, Litz wire, LF loading coils
DEC-- Review of Radioscience Observing
JAN -- Ultrasonic pest controls
FEB-- Emergency Power Supply
MAR-- Changing ATS-909 Memory Presets
APR-- Preparing Those Trade-ins; More on touch lamp RFI; UPSvoltages
MAY-- Digital Displays for Analog Radios
JUN-- Using the Select-A-Tenna
JUL-- Listening to Your Remote Control
AUG-- How to record from a radio
SEP-- Quiteting theGrove SP-200 Click
OCT-- Listen and See your Infrared control
NOV-- The "Power Tip" Scam
DEC-- Using Grove FCC Database with Windows 98



JAN-- Internet Changes Face of Politics

FEB-- Thanks Larry; Welcome Hugh!
MAR-- Internuts
APR-- Whatever Happened to Hydronics?
MAY-- Taking Credit Where Credit Isn't Due
JUN-- Bits and Pieces
JUL-- Storm tracking could save your life
AUG-- FCC Proposes More Protective Rules
SEP-- Media Muddles
OCT-- Legislators above the Law?
NOV-- The Frequency List and the Grain of Salt (guest editorial)_
JAN-- RecAlling a month I'd rather forget
FEB-- Icom PCR1000
MAR-- Icom PCR1000 (part 2)
APR-- WiNRADiO 1000i vs IC-PCR1000
MAY-- WiNRADiO Digital Suite
JUN-- C&R Goes to Paris
JUL-- Fixing Win95 Problems (First Aid 97, and Nuts&Bolts)
AUG-- Cyberlock Data Encryption Program; Pentium prices falling
SEP-- Casio's Hand PC and Windows CE
OCT-- First look at WiNRADiO's WR1500e
NOV-- WinRadio WR1500e; AirData Mouse
DEC-- Ten-Tec's under'$300DSP SW receiver


JAN-- How to forecast propagation conditions
MAR-- SITOR-A Maritime Mode
MAY-- The First Digital Mode - RTTY
JUN-- HF Facsimile
JUL-- Decoding 3rd Shift Cyrillic
AUG-- Third Shift Cyrillic - part II
SEP-- Addressing ACARS
OCT-- Who Uses the Digital Modes?
NOV-- Digital Equipment Overview
DEC-- Digital Reflections


JAN-- Upgrading WiNRADiO: Selectivity

FEB-- Computer Programming the PRO-64
MAR-- WiNRADiO secret files unveiled
APR-- Handheld Scanner Backlight Mods
MAY-- Revisiting the Homebrew Computer
JUN-- Network Your Computers
JUL-- Digital Data Interface Revisited
AUG-- Data Decoding and Serial Ports
SEP-- Update on Computer Networking
OCT-- Automatic NiCd Cell Discharger
NOV-- Automatic NiCd Cell Recharger
DEC-- All-Purpose Op-Amps
JAN-- WH learning to encrypt; midwest freqs--postal inspector system,Dept of Energy; FBI
FEB-- High seas counternarcotic activities; US Joint Task Force DrugInterdiction; Itinerants; Agency sharing; auction snafu
MAR-- Nextel forces digital switch; fed using trunked systems;results using the Opto Scout
APR-- Smoky Mt Monitoring, TVA, Ft Campbell; militay trunking; FEMAaux ops; DEA freq; FBI D bank, and HF freqs; Customs
MAY-- Data Freqs in the Fed Bands; More shared freqs; NatlInteragency Fire center; Freqs from Readers
JUN-- NTIA and other info from internet; Presidential trips; scanningin Idaho, Houston, Was DC, etc; more freqs from surplus govradios
JUL-- Executive Branch Travels; "Big Hole" Chatham NC; Black Mt CAantenna site; Nextel iDEN system
AUG-- Washington goes trunked; Miami news; more treasures from trash;notes from Motorola tour, Facinator radios
OCT-- FBI to Obtain New Radio System; Dept of Justice andFBI systems;DEA; TVA
DEC-- Who Controls Government Frequencies?; 162 MHz bandassignments


JAN-- A Good Time for Shortwave

FEB-- FCC accepts Weiner application
MAR-- Why Women Don't Like DXing
APR-- More Catholic Than the Pope?
MAY-- BBC Commits to Digital SW
JUN-- Hunt Harmonics with Hauser
JUL-- Milton Keynes new WRTH HQ
AUG-- Nigerian Clandestines Proliferate
SEP-- The Problem with Digital SW
OCT-- Two Views on Clean Signals
NOV-- WBCQ - An Alternative SW Station
DEC-- Norway Cancels English Service
MAR-- Computers in the Radio Shack
MAY-- The Station Engineering Manual
JUL-- Survival Communications
SEP-- A Simple Antenna for Shortwave
NOV-- Heathkit GR-64 Restoration



NOV-- Learning to Love Satellites
DEC-- Tuning in SW via Satellite
(Reprints of Magne Tests reviews are not available.)
JAN-- Sony SW-12/ Sony AN-LP1
FEB-- Lowe HF-250E
MAR-- International R-110; Improve Lowe SRX-100 selectivity
APR-- InterNtional WR-689
MAY-- Drake R8B - Part I
JUN-- Drake R8B - Part II
JUL-- Grundig Yacht Boy 400PE
AUG-- First look at JRC NRD-545
SEP-- AOR's AR5000+3 Receiver
OCT-- Sangean ATS404 Economy Portable
NOV-- Kneisner + Doering KWZ30
DEC-- (no column this month)


SEP-- Welcome to Military Monitoring; Where do you hear themilitary?
NOV-- Atlantic City USCG Station Opens; Navy fleet tac channel; USNon Inmarsat + callsigns


JAN -- Yagi vs. Quad
FEB-- Books to build your antenna by; NZ Beacon
MAR-- Sobering ham numbers; use the media; 6m AM
APR-- More Ham Software (QST View, HamCalc)
MAY-- Making the Case for Novice
JUN-- Classic Gear; Icom IC-T8A
JUL-- Contesting 101
AUG-- Using a Transmatch; 10 meter AM
SEP-- Cherokee 6 Meter Handheld Milestone Technologies Spanishkey
OCT-- Kenwood VC-H1 SSTV Unit
NOV-- Ham's Christmas Wish List
DEC-- More Good Stuff! (Easy Wire Antennas, Vectronics kits, NyeMaster Hand Key, RS stores)


JAN-- R Free Berkeley wins another round; Europirate season;interval signals; SRI txmitter closing

FEB-- CID moves to WRMI; Jorge Mas Canosa; WGTG on 6955?; SMRmaildrop
MAR-- Three sources for pirate logs; Radio San Marino; NA Pirates
APR-- How to Hear a Clandestine; NAB vs pirates; pirate freqas; SRScontest
MAY-- Micropirate Growth Creates Controversy; SW Pirate Freqs; NewPirate Web Sites, maildrops
JUN-- FM busts, thousands still active; pirate web sites; SW pirateactivity ; Mid-America conference?
JUL-- New clandestine internet news service; Radio 510 offers relays;FM pirate protest; SW pirates active
AUG-- Nigerian turmoil spawns clandestines; SW pirate activity
SEP-- ODXA expands; R Free Berkeley; SW Relay Service
OCT-- WREC Retires; Millenium R.; Pirate CD; Free Radio Survey
NOV-- WBCQ: Pirate goes legit; FM Pirate Busts; Europirates
DEC-- Voice of the Pig's Ear; Clanny web sites; QSL sources;Europirate skeds


JAN-- PCS Takes Shape in 1998
FEB-- The flap over digital decoding (Title III, Walz case), types ofdigital encoding
APR-- Marketing Strategies (SM cards); 911 on cellular
JUN-- Wireless Networks Taking Shape (AMSC, ARDIS, Iridium) LMDSauction
AUG-- Pinpointing a Cellular Caller
OCT-- Cellular Cryptography
DEC-- Consumer Choices in the Cellular Market


JAN-- Aero Terminology; Philly and Pittsburgh freqs; newmagazine
FEB-- QSLing the Airlines
MAR-- QSLing a moving target
APR-- Tools of the Tower
MAY-- Tools of the Trade: Radar
JUN-- ATC Center Equipment
JUL-- Flight Service Stations
AUG-- Clearing the Way
SEP-- Curious about the Concorde?; airline callsigns; sample flightplan
OCT-- Coming to Terms with Radar
NOV-- Radar - Part II
DEC-- Aero Freq-for-all (Indpls, Pitts; AF- MWARAs); aero callsign(final in series)


FEB-- Give us 30 Minutes, we'll give you...
MAR-- The Environment
APR-- Eavesdropping on Africa
MAY-- Eavesdropping on Africa - II
JUN-- Play Ball !
JUL-- Which Way VOA?
AUG-- End of the Year Review
SEP-- Make a Resolution to Write
OCT-- SW as a Learning Experience
NOV-- Tracking the Global Economy
DEC-- Holiday programming


JAN-- Diversity Reception
FEB-- NVIS Propagation in NA (part 1)
MAR-- NVIS Propagation in NA (part 2)
APR-- HF Propagation Beacons
MAY-- Carrier Current Broadcasting
JUN-- Cheap Electricity with LF
JUL-- Snow Static!
AUG-- On the Coattails of Meteors
SEP-- Make this page work for you
OCT-- Ionospheric Modification
NOV-- Where to Listen on the Bands
DEC-- How to Spot Santa Claus (OTHR)


JAN-- QSLing the X-band
FEB-- DXing the Bottom of the World
MAR-- Out of this World QSL (Mir)
APR-- AltaVista translation service
MAY-- Transmitter Documentation Project
JUN-- DXing the Underground
JUL-- QSLing in TV Land
AUG-- Where in the World Is...(M-street)
SEP-- China Radio Intl, R Christian Voice, R Finland, AWR
OCT-- An unbeatable DX Season
NOV-- Adventist World Radio; DSCI Tropical Band Survey
DEC-- Alaska Calling (KNLS)


JAN-- Panamsat 5 Flies
FEB-- China Central Television (final)


JAN-- Test Equipment Bargains
FEB-- More Innovative Patents
APR-- RCA RP-6150 Scantrak; Uniden BC235XLT glitch?
MAY-- RS PRO-2050 Trunk Tracker
JUN-- Opto DC442 Decoder
JUL-- Coax Stub; PAR Electronics filters
AUG-- Sony ICF-SC1PC WaveHawk scanner
SEP-- Orange Book of Scanner Repair; finding service manuals; tonegenerating test equipment; monitoring ACSB
OCT-- AOR AR8200 scanner
NOV-- Alinco DJ-X10T
DEC-- RS PRO-91 Trunking Portable


JAN-- Transformation of HR2369

FEB-- Police Call announcement; storm watch drills; Winston-Salemcodes; Beaufort Co, SC, trunking profile
MAR-- Little-used scanner features; calming scanner fears; using VHFbeam antenna; CES overview
APR-- We We Do What We Do; Regina trunking; TrunkTracker tips;programming tips
MAY-- The New Band in Town (pub safety); HR 2369 passes House
JUN-- Incident Scanning(with Trunk-Tracker); Summertime Scanning;Sony scanner; reader letter
JUL-- Twister Search '98
AUG-- Tornado Chasing a Scanning Utopia; Rubber Duckies
SEP-- The Digital Invasion; Logic trunking; Oklahoma City trunking;NYC trunked system
OCT-- Random thoughts on scanning; new FCC service codes
NOV-- The New Band to Scan; Florida fire comms and Fla. trunking
DEC-- Statewide Systems; Massachusetts Agencies


JAN-- Flash Comm HF System; GHFS digital tones
FEB-- Wonderful World of Utilities (overview and good-bye)
MAR-- Sea Change in Maritime Mobile Service (CW to GMDSS)
APR-- Does anybody know the time? (WWV and WWVH)
MAY-- We've Got Your Numbers; Mossad loggings
JUN-- Unraveling NATO Identifiers
JUL-- Hurricane Frequencies
AUG-- US Stratcom Zulu Update; DEA Joint Task Force
SEP-- US AF MacDill Signs Off; GHFS moves to Scope Command
OCT-- Spook Radio (spy, clandestine, and number stations)
NOV-- NCS: Swords into SHARES
DEC-- Is there life in MARS?


NOV-- Keeping an Eye on the Weather
DEC-- Keeping up with the Latest (web sites, Operational WXSATs;INSAT, Hurricane Georges, America's OSEI)


JAN-- New FCC commissioners; Internet Tax Freedom Act; FCC RFSafety guidelines; personalized call signs
FEB-- FCC action against Fla Pirates; the state of microbroadcasting;FCC to move administrative offices
MAR-- Vermont fights federal preemption of telecommunication towerrestrictions; Senate and House bills to allow local enflorcement ofFCC regulations
APR-- Consumers' Top 10 Telecom Concerns
MAY-- FCC agrees to examine "Microstations": 2 petitions
JUN-- FCC makes major revisions to Equipment Authorization Process;Universal Licensing System; GMRS deregulations; Congress pushes forearlier taxation of Internet
JUL-- The FCC: Who they are and what they do
AUG-- How to Participate in the FCC Process
SEP-- Radio Free Berkeley Unplugged; Vanity license reduced
OCT-- DES broken; spread spectrum to be open to hams; cell calllocation debate; APCO to resolve interference complaints re pubsafety radio; FCC approved Sky Station; vehicle collision avoidancesystem gets 4mm ham freqs; Space Station in doubt
NOV-- What's Behind the Amateur Restructuring Proposal?
DEC-- FCC Restructuring; Compliance and Information Bureau; FCC move;phone company charges; Motorola interactice radio bc via internet


Access to the Airwaves-- May
ARRL Repeater Dir (Grove)-- Oct
ARRL Repeater Dir (Grove)-- Dec
Basic Radio-- Aug
Communicators Handbook 2050-- Dec
Communications Receivers (Grove)-- Feb
Complete SWL Handbook (G)-- Sep
Cruiser's Radio Guide (Grove)-- Feb
Crystal Set Building (G)-- Aug
Discover DXing-- Apr
EEM Database-- Mar
Emergency Survival Comms (Grove)-- Feb
Ferrell's Confidential Freq List-- Dec
Haruteq Scanner Bk for Qb, Atl Can-- Dec
Hitler's Airwaves-- Oct
Illegal Police Surveillance-- Feb
IRCA Mexican Log-- Mar
Jane's Military Communications-- Oct
Klingenfuss G to Ute Stations (Gr)-- Feb
Klingenfuss G to WW Wx Services-- Dec
Klingenfuss Radio Data Code Manual-- Dec
Klingenfuss SW Frequency Guide-- Feb
Morse Code: Breaking the Barrier-- May
NRC AM Radio Log-- Feb
NRC Station Location Map Book-- Mar
Palm Beach Co Freq Dir-- Jun
Passport to Web Radio-- Oct
Police Call 1998 (Grove)-- Jan
Police Call, So California-- Feb
Practical RF Design Manual-- Jan
Radio Amateur's Sat Handbook (G)-- Sep
Radioscience Observing-- Jun
RF Exposure and You-- Jul
Shortwave Receivers Past & Present-- Jun
Simple, Low-Cost Electronic Projects-- Dec
South Florida Trunking Guide-- Jun
Trunked Radio Syatems (CA)-- Oct
Voices in the Air-- Nov
World Radio TV Handbook (Grove)-- Feb
WW SW Listening Guide (RS)-- Sep
XMIT_ID free software-- Aug
Zenith Transistor Radios-- Apr
Software, Videos, Services, etc.
AirMedia internet antenna-- Mar
Antennas West closes/lives on-- May
AOR US headquarters-- Nov
BradsSoftware Morse Made Easy-- Sep
Citizens Band Review-- Aug
CONET Project SW numbers CD-- Jan
Cyberlock (soft)-- Oct
DataFile Frobe Ver. 4-- Apr
Defense Reutilization Marketing Svce-- Oct
ECONN Gen Merchandise cat-- Jan
EddyWorks AR8000 Toolkit-- Aug
EEB closed retail store-- Mar
Future Scanning Radiomax soft-- Jan
Get Anything on Anybody (newsltr)-- Oct
GlobeEmail supports new radios-- Jun
Grove FCC Database-- Jul
HamCalc disk-- Mar
Hi-Res Restoration videos-- Aug
Hobby Broadcasting magazine-- Jan
Hobby Broadcasting magazine-- Aug
IPS propagation service-- Jun
Klingenfuss CD-ROM-- Feb
LP Comm Listening Post soft-- Mar
Maptech Terrain Navigator-- Nov
Mouser catalog on line or CD-- Jun
Megatrends Handi-Log-- Apr
Radio Manager 3.896 soft-- Mar
Satellite Times becomes monthly-- Feb
ScanCat 7.20 for 896 (Grove)-- Mar
Sescom web site-- Mar
Serial control cable for 896 (Grove)-- Mar
SETIQuest closed publication-- Nov
Smolinski SS website (Mac soft)-- Aug
Space: A Visual History (CD)-- Dec
Transmitter Documentation website-- Jan
Transmitter Documentation project-- Sep
Trunk Manager soft-- Mar
VisualRadio soft-- May
WiNRADiO Digital Suite (Grove)-- Mar
Agrelo RDF system (Grove)-- Aug
Alpha Delta hydraulic fold-over mount-- Sep
American Tech Corp solar-powered radios & flashflight-- Jul
ATC FM Sounds miniature radios-- Aug
ATC Calculator Clock Radio-- Nov
AOR AR-8200 (Grove)-- Jul
Cutting Edge Ent power supplies-- Jul
Cutting Edge Radio Glove-- Nov
Davis Wireless Weather Station-- Nov
Everhardt Trucker's Wx antenna-- Dec
Firestik Trunk antenna mounts-- Apr
Grundig Mini World 100-- Sep
Garmin GPS receivers (Grove)-- Jun
Icom IC-746 Transceiver-- Nov
Innovative Technology RV/marine surge protectors-- Jun
Jade Optically Coupled Regen rcvr-- Sep
Kiwa Regeneration Module (Gr)-- Apr
Kiwa Earth Monitor-- Aug
Magellan GSC100 (Grove)-- Apr
Magellan GPS ColorTRAK (Grove)-- Oct
MFJ-310HT window mount clip-- Apr
MFJ-969 AirCore tuner-- Apr
MFJ-152 Thermometer Clock-- May
Mirage Docking Booster-- Jul
MTS Emergency Alert Radio-- Dec
Nil-Jon VHF/UHF antennas-- Aug
Optoelectronics OptoCom-- Jul
Palstar R30 HF receiver-- Sep
Panasonic GigaRange phones-- Aug
RaceTrac headphones (Grove)-- Oct
Radio Shack PRO-74 race scanner-- Aug
Radio Works T-4G line isolator-- May
RELM MS-180, MS-200 (Grove)-- Jan
Replay TV-- Dec
SETI Wow! plaque-- Nov
SGC-231 automatic ant tuner-- Apr
SGC SG-2020 transceiver-- Jun
SkyScan Lightning Detector-- Jul
Sony 7600G upgrade (Grove)-- Mar
Sony AN-LP1 antenna (Grove)-- Mar
Sony SAS-AD4 DSS system-- Dec
Sony SC1 scanners (Grove)-- May
Ten-Tec PC Radio-- Sep
Trifield Broadband meter (Grove)-- Dec
Trifield MicroAlert (Grove)-- Nov
Uniden HH995 (Grove)-- Jun
Vectronics kits-- Nov
Weather Alert Monitor (Grove)-- Jul
WiNRADiO WR1500 and external units (Grove)-- Jul
WR3000i & MS8002-6 rcvrs (Grove)-- Oct
WR3E VLF rcvr (Grove)-- Jan
AOR AR7000 preview--Dec
BayGen Freeplay 1 & 2 radios-- Jul
Creative Express Corp Ergo 3 soft-- Mar
Icom IC-T8A Tri-band Transceiver-- Aug
Future Scanning Sys Radio Max-- Oct
Kiwa Earth Monitor-- Nov
MFJ Giant Display Calendar Clock-- Sep
MFJ-418 Morse Tutor-- May
Opto MicroCounter-- Jan
Opto RF Detector-- May
Opto Trakker-- Jun
Palomar Loop Antenna System-- Apr
Radio Shack NWS-SAME receiver--Dec

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