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An Ear to Indonesia--Feb
HCJB: Sounds from the Equator--Jun
Hope to Hostages--Jan
Music and SW Radio--May
Nauen Digital SW Station--Nov
Radio Miskut, Nicaragua--Jan
Radio Netherlands Hits the "Big 5-0"--Aug
R Romania Looking Up--Nov
Shaking Foundations of BBC--May
Shortwave, Sats, & Cyberspace--Oct
Visiting the Voice of Russia--Nov
Human Interest:
Al Gross: A master's touch--Sep
MT at 15: an interview--Jan
Confessions of a Cell Site Spotter--Sep
Effective Emergency Coordinator--Mar
HR2369: Another Specter Looms--Oct
Lightning: Global Network--Jun
Menwith Hill Station--Feb
Meteors: Radio out of this World--Oct
Send Your Receiver to DX Camp--Aug
Those Terrible (cell) Towers--Sep
1996 Index of Articles--Jan
Area 51 - Phantom in the Desert--Jul
DMAT - Mobile Medical Teams--Aug
Emergency Medical Services--Oct
Flying with the Angels--Mar
Military Aviation - Change in the Air--Jul
Monitoring Commercial Aviation--Jul
Monitoring Montauk--May
Privacy and the Public Airwaves--Apr
Racing Freqs: a la CARTe--Jul
Racing Freqs: Charlotte--May
Scanners at the speedway--Apr
Scanning Techniques that Work--Jan
Super Truckin' (racing)--Jun
There's Something About a Train--Feb
Uniden Parades the TrunkTracker--Mar
Technology and Technical:
Best Earth for Ground--Jun
Code Practice Oscillator/Morse tests--Dec
Garden Galaxy of Lights (FM)--Dec
How to Build a Radio from a Kit--Feb
"Junk-Drawer" Antenna (handheld)--Jul
Multi-Band Resonant Antenna--May
Ultimate Longwave Setup--Dec
Under $30 Antenna Launch--Aug
Upgrading the Ocean Hopper--Aug
Beacon QSLing--Dec
Canada's Maritime Stations--Jun
Marconi's California Stations--Nov
Marconi in Ireland--Nov
Morse Code: Down, not out--Nov
Radionavigation in the Baltic--Dec
Signals from Pitcairn--Feb


JAN--Stations within stations (SCS)
FEB--The New EAS
MAR--Did I really hear that?
APR--Radio in the Frozen North (CBC)
MAY--Mixed Bag
JUN--Expanded Band Special
JUL--Digital News
AUG--Domestic DX and the Internet
SEP--Phantoms of the Dials (images, harmonics, etc)
OCT--Myths of the Domestic Dials
NOV--Listener's Bookshelf
DEC--Anatomy of a Radio


JAN--Prehistoric Radio (rx by trees)
FEB--Is the Sky an Antenna?
MAR--Easy-Up Beam
APR--Beverage Directional Antenna
MAY--The Tao of Antennas
JUN--Antenna Resonance
JUL--Where's Ground in a Groundplane?
AUG--Using a Counterpoise to Aim High
SEP--The Accidental Radio Signal (static, etc.)
OCT--Thoughts on Multiband Antennas
NOV--Antenna Routing Panel for Rapid Switching
DEC--Half-Wavelength Antennas


JAN--Finding Time for the Hobby
FEB--Bells & Whistles
MAR--Rediscovering the Gee-Whiz
APR--Websites of Interest
MAY--Mediumwave Moxie
JUN--Random Summer Thoughts
JUL--Nontraditional sources for radios
AUG--Are You Suffering from LMS?
SEP--My Receiver Autobiography
OCT--When Just Any Q Won't Do
NOV--Undoing a Few Myths
DEC--Choosing a Handheld Ham Radio

BELOW 500 kHz

JAN--Resources for Natural Radio
FEB--1-Watt Wonders
MAR--Odds 'n Ends (SAQ tx; DXpedition; AirNav webpage; Satnav vs. Navaids
APR--Ken Cornell, Silent Key; Web Update
MAY--Beacon Basics: equipment, beacons, Art of NDB DXing
JUN--LDXA Returns
JUL--Who Lurks in the Basement?
AUG--Lowfer ZWI; new VLF tape; loggings
SEP--Getting Ready; GWEN; Vintage VLF
OCT--LDXA Winners; DGPS challenge; Inside an NDB
NOV--Reader News & Updates
DEC--Basement Changes, Australian DX, Canadian Lowfers, lowfer internet listserver


JAN --Remote Monitoring w/baby manitor
FEB--Improving Audio
MAR--Bandplanning SW antenna
APR--Makeshift Antennas
MAY--R8500, R7100, AR5000 Comparison
JUN--Simple stand for portables
JUL--Painless Trunk Tracking (rptr input)
AUG--MW BC Overload cure; BC-3000XLT keyboard trick
SEP--Build an All-Purpose Battery Pack
OCT--Repairing Smudged Displays
NOV--Mobile Extension Speaker
DEC--Cheap, effective scanner antenna


JAN--MT:The First 15 Years!
FEB--Will Scanner Listening Take an Upturn?
MAR--Gingrich and the Cell Phone
APR--Opening Statement to House Subcommittee
MAY--Techno-Terms for the Times
JUN--The Auctioning of the Capitol
JUL--Farewell to a Friend
AUG--Freq Ban Proposal Could End Scanning
SEP--What's the Big Secret? (about classified frequencies)
OCT--Guest ed: America's Cacophony to the World
NOV--Pagers: New Legal Battleground
DEC--Staff greetings


JAN--The Best of the Best
FEB--DXtreme's SWL Log; APRS; websites
MAR--Top Pick of Decoders
APR--Is $10 Computer a Bargain?
MAY--Computer Updates; Websites
JUN--Armchair Flights of Fancy (websites related to aviation; FlyteTrak)
JUL--Keeping your freqs fresh; ScanCAT Magic
AUG--Radioraft decoding program
SEP--The Every 2-Yr Computer Blowout; CAT Magic Revisited
OCT--Radioraft, SWRL updates; philosophy
NOV--CSP Technologies ScannerBase; Kangaroo Tabor WinCAP Wizard
DEC--Total RecAll; Problems w ith Windows


JAN--A Simple 455-kHz BFO
FEB--Home-brewed PC Boards
MAR--Tuning the End-Fed Antenna
APR--Eliminating Spurious Signals
MAY--Active SWL Antenna
JUN--LF/VLF Converter
JUL--Handy Battery Tester
AUG--Breadboards on your PC
SEP--A Simple Receiver to Build
OCT--Feedline Tips, Equipment Protection
NOV--Build a Transistor Checker
DEC--Monitor the 6-meter Band


APR--ARINC's New Technologies
JUL--Digital Resources: DACARS, LABELADD, APRS, Hoka Code-3 Gold Update, Universal M-450, Universal M-8000, Selcall DOS, RadFax 0.9. URLs: FEMA, AirNav, WUN, Globe Wireless
OCT--Major Modes and Protocols


JAN--Easy Record-Keeping - II
FEB--Tools for the Info Age (MS Works)
MAR--Spreadsheet Electronic Design
APR--Squelch Improvement
MAY--Radio to Computer Data Interface
JUN--Memory expansion for 760XLT, 950XLT, 590XLT, 600XLT, R1600
JUL--Computer Tools and Utilities for Radio
AUG--WiNRADiO's Spectrum Scope
SEP--WiNRADiO Upgrade Opener
OCT--WiNRADiO - SMT Primer
NOV--WiNRADiO - Sensitivity
DEC--WiNRADiO - PLL Noise; cable modem services


JAN--US Marshals; Southeastern Nat'l Parks
FEB--Nat'l Forest Service; WHCA chan; More Nat'l Parks; tracking & telemetry
MAR--FBI on 800 MHz; IRS investigators
APR--Antenna Tip-Offs; Freqs from Readers
MAY--US Geological Survey; Bureau of Land Management
JUN--WUNnerful Intercepts; Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Brunswick, Ga; Fed Supply Service; Law Enforcement Branch; Smithsonian security
JUL--Summertime Skip; Federal trunking in DC area
AUG--Fedcom, TrunkTracker radios, Trunkcom; fed trunk sys in Boston, border patrol in VT,NY; Customs in New England; fed freqs from Seattle, Asheville; IFLOWS
SEP--Feds are talking...but where? Freqs from Kansas City, Mo, Siskiyou Natl Forest, Puget Sound, Camp Pendleton; Feds using FRS?
OCT--"Privatizing" Fed Comms (using CMRS); DEA bandplan; NSA system; New FCC DF vehicles; Customs
NOV--P/L Tones clues to feds in Houston; Nextel cell/trunked radio; NY Border Patrol bandplan; examples of modes used by feds, Nuclear Transport Safeguard Net; fed monitoring for newbies; Calif. monitoring
DEC--Cape Canaveral monitoring; western US reports; Washington area observations; Quantico freqs


JAN--Just another month on SW
FEB--RCI Not Dead -- Again
MAR--Why not SW TV?
APR--New SW Station for Mexico City
MAY--France Quits SW to NA
JUN--Monitoradio, WRMI, Give Up SW
JUL--HCJB Must Move out of Pifo
AUG--SW Situation Mirrors the World
SEP--Radio Reading Recommendations
OCT--Respect for NA Neighbors
NOV--Nigeria Hit by Opposition Radio
DEC--Problem of "Wooden" Frequencies


MAR--Simple Antenna Solutions
JUN--Beloved Boat Anchors
SEP--Here We Go A-Roving
DEC--Tuning in to ATU's (tuners)


(Reprints of Magne Tests reviews are not available.)
JAN--Sharper Image VA100
FEB--Becker Mexico 2340
MAR--Electro Brand SW-3000 Digital
APR--Sony ICF SW-600
MAY--International MT718 Portable
JUN--International MT798 Portable
JUL--Icom IC-R8500
AUG--Drake SW2
SEP--Gundig G2000A compact portable
OCT--Lowe SRX100/Target HF-3
NOV--Japan Radio NRD345
DEC--Grundig Traveller III


JAN --Making Resolutions (test gear)
FEB--DX for No Code Techs (working sats)
MAR--Morse Keys (Kitano)
APR--Simple Keyer; ham newsletter; new Novice questions
MAY--New License Structure; domestic QSL Bureau
JUN--June contests; W5YI Report; SAREX; G4RAW computer board schematic
JUL--Forward-looking ham radio, Phase IIID, Vanity calls, 6 meters
AUG--AMSOFT's World of HamRadio CD
SEP--Simply Delightful
OCT--Lectrokit SP-1B Spider
NOV--What's the best HF antenna? (using a transmatch)
DEC--Hand Held Hamming


JAN--Europirate Season; NAPRS; Zaire conflict
FEB--Radio Free Speech relays; Active Clandestines; Free Radio Weekly; R. Free Lawrence Bust
MAR--WJDI Power Record; '96 activity record; R Free Lenawee; web site
APR--Pirates using Internet; R Cochiguaz; Huntsville drop; KIWI; Oromo; R Kudirat, Nigeria; R Tellus; Iowa City Free Radio
MAY--Micro Pirate Conference; new ACE website; V. of Tibet; Yoder's new books; Numbers Parody; Quello leaves FCC
JUN--WJDI QSL; Weiner book; FRN/ACE web change; Mexican DX conference; Micropirate activity
JUL--Radio Metallica; IL Micropirates; R Butembo; Rep of TX; Carling's pirate links
AUG--Pirate Loggings Explosion; Metallica retiring?; R Free London; Micropirates
SEP--Radio Metallica using WJDI txmitter; Cuban clans; Nigerian clans; new FRW address
OCT--FM Piratesa Increasingly Active; Metallica news; R London returns; R Jemima
NOV--R Metallica moves to ship; Kennard named FCC chair; Voice of Tibet; ACE address correction
DEC--Holidays Increase Pirate Activity; Cuban clan website; micropirate busts


JAN--Criminal use of cellular
FEB--PCS Modes
MAR--Digital Modes
APR--Fingers in the Spectrum Pie
MAY--Local Service Scramble
JUN--The Politics of Encryption
JUL--The Race is On (FCC auctions, WCS vs PCS, etc)
AUG--Packet switched networks: ARDIS, RAM Mobile Data, Metricom, Ricochet
SEP--Stationary Wireless Devices (new cordless phones, unlicensed PCS)
OCT--The Name's the Thing: CDMA, GSM, NADC; cellular and GPS
NOV--PCS Showcase(products from PCS show in Dallas); auction woes; Reallocation of UHF TV channels; Iridium update
DEC--Cellular companies fight fraud; pager eavesdropping; encryption issues


JAN--Instrument Landing Systems
FEB--Collision Avoidance (TCAS)
MAR--Air Traffic Trinity--
APR--GPWS in Alaska; Albuquerque freqs; ACARS internet list-server; Types of Radar
MAY--Pandora's Clock; Aireports; ARTCCs; TCAS; SW Airlines expansion; Honolulu & LA,freqs
JUN--Company Frequencies; Australian aviation
JUL--Sporty's JD-100 scanner; more company freqs; FAA safety data online; Houston freqs
AUG--Separation Anxiety; OEDP; MWARAs
SEP--Charting the Way; MWARAs
OCT--Windshear: The unseen enemy
NOV--The Instrument Landing System
DEC--Guide to VHF aero freqs; company freq intercepts


AUG--Culture and the Arts
NOV--Science and Shortwave


JAN--Readers' Choice
FEB--Reception Against the Rules (skip)
MAR--Propagation Modes
APR--How do you Slew a Curtain?
MAY--Flux and the SSN
JUN--A and K Indices
JUL--Near Vertical Incidence Skywave
AUG--Local Broadcasting with NVIS
SEP--Let's Talk the Same Language #1
OCT--Let's Talk the Same Language #2
NOV--Let's Talk the Same Language #3; bibliography
DEC--Good Month to Hear Auroras


JAN--Welcome to 1997 - news
FEB--The best link sites
MAR--Try the Diplomatic Approach
APR--QSLing the Heavens (sat)
MAY--Ole Radio Mexico Intl
JUN--Danke Schon Deutschland
JUL--All India Radio
AUG--Kudos to YLE
OCT--Radio St Helena Nears
NOV--Eng Language Programs on Web; AMFMTVDX forum internet resource


FEB--Trends in QSLing
MAY--Return of the Crystal Set


JAN--The 4DTV Gambit
FEB--State of C-, Ku-, and DBS
MAR--DBS Services
APR--Death of T401, Birth of GE-2; Alphastar, DISH, and DSS; HITS
MAY--DISH Weds Murdoch; AlphaStar; CD Radio
JUN--Digital Music Express
JUL--Galaxy 4: One Versatile Satellite
AUG--The Big Dish Advantage
SEP--Lessons from the Field (do-it-yourself repairs)
OCT--Satellite Radio for Your Car: CD Radio & AMRC
NOV--Sat & TV Handbook, Digital Sat TV, GPS Manual
DEC--Q&As re hear audio on scrambled video? recommended used receivers? mount dish indoors? local nets on sat TV?


JAN--Icom R8500
FEB--Radio Shack PRO-2045
MAR--Icom IC-R10
APR--RELM HS200; BC9000XLT labeling tip
MAY--Icom 8500 update; fixes for BC200XLT audio, BCT-7 expanded coverage, BC9000 LCD, PRO2005 backlight
JUN--Innovative Scanner Patents
JUL--BC235XLT TrunkTracker
AUG--Radio Shack PRO-64
SEP--Stridsberg Multicoupler; G/Wiz circuit; using FM trap w/Scout
OCT--Radio Shack PRO-67
NOV--Sporty's JD-100 Air-scan; PRO-62 battery save on/off
DEC--BC895XLT desktop TrunkTracker


JAN--Rooting for Rotors; Huntsville Trunking Debunking; Sharing Scanners
FEB--Trunking Scanners Set to Debut; BearTracker BCT-7 Booster; Tale of Two Scanner Mags
MAR--Massachusetts Police; R-10 Due; scanner story; Police Call Plus
APR--In Defense of Scanning; Antenna check; spectrum auctions; Raleigh, NC, freqs
MAY--Things Scanner Listeners Wish For; race scanning preview
JUN--Mobile scanning equipment options; end-of-winter antenna wrap-up; NE Ga. frequencies
JUL--More new portable scanners; scanner priorities; Nellis AFB freqs
AUG--TrunkTracker Debuts; Trunkcom mailing list;; San Antonio TRS; best place to scan?
SEP--Legislating away our freedom? (new anti-scanner bills); Alameda Cal, trunked system
OCT--Acts of Congress-II; Seattle Area Trunking
NOV--Acts of Congress Part III; ultimate scanner; Cleveland OH aero freqs as programmed into Regency TS2
DEC--Winter scanner planning, equipment, monitoring set-up and programming options; Atlanta area scanning (non-trunked)


AUG--Getting on Track; decimal vs. hex
SEP--Q&As; Cobb Co, Ga, profile
OCT--Hex Conversions made Easy; NJ State Patrol
NOV--Huntsville system profile
DEC--Trunking info on the Web; Baltimore's new system; Escondido, CA, trunked profile


JAN--Gov Rediscovers HF?; Bayonne Global on air
FEB--Airline Company HF Freqs; USSTRATCOM Zulu Desig
MAR--National Guard; TX State Guard; Acrobat
APR--The UK Royal Air Force; USAF selcals
MAY--Who's Where in the SW Spectrum
JUN--DXing the Radio Basement (overview of what's on ELF/VLF)
JUL--HF Aero Bands: MWARA, LDOC, Volmet, flight test; single-letter channel markers confirmed as Russian navy
AUG--Scheveningen Radio to Close; Globe Radio Network absorbs KOH, WCC, WLC; Globe freq list; USAF gets new VIP aircraft; Australian maritime radio cuts
SEP--Albrook Global makes final transmission; GHFS tones; USSTRATCOM Zulu Freqs; Mystic Star update
OCT--Military Freq Bonanza; Euro military, ARCN, MARS in Europe, USAF KC 135 Tanker callsigns
NOV--Aero Off Route Changes
DEC--USAF Global HF System


Access to the Airwaves--Aug
ARRL Antenna Book (Grove)--Aug
Australasian Shortwave Guide--Mar
Build Your Own Transceiver--Jul
Cyber Crime--Jun
Crystal Set Projects (Grove)--Jul
DXpeditions - Autumn 96 (NRC)--Nov
Global Radio Guide--Jun
Heathkit - Amateur Radio Products--Jun
Hunting for Treasure--Jul
Improv...Counterintelligence Apps--Jul
Introducing QRP--Jul
FM Atlas (Grove)--Aug
GMRS Repeater Guide--Aug
Jane's Police and Security Equip--Mar
Klingenfuss Gd to Wx Serv #17--Sep
Klingenfuss Internet Radio Guide--May
LA DXing #6--Sep
MFJ Antennas, Transmission Lines--May
NatScan Fast Food freq list--Mar
NYC/NJ/Phila Scanner Guide--Jun
PA directory Jefferson, Clarion Co.--Feb
Police Call 1997--Jan
Police Call So. California--Mar
Radio's First 75 Years--Jan
Radio Monitoring--Apr
Radio on the Road--Feb
Scanner Listings MI, OH, ON--Feb
S Asia Radio Guide #10--Sep
Successful QSLing--Feb
Shortwave Listener's Guide (UK)--Dec
Talkgroup IDs/King Co--Nov
The Code-Breakers--Feb
Transmitter Documentation Project--Jun
Wiretap Detection Techniques--Dec
Zenith Radio, Early Years (Grove)--Dec
Software, Videos, Services, etc.
AEA sale (business news)--May
Air Force One (video)--Nov
Andrew Corp (cat)--Nov
AOR-8000 caveat (news)--Oct
AOR Hawk software (grove)--Dec
Audioclassics (cat)--Nov
Conet Project numbers CD--Jul
Creative Express ERGO for AR7030--Oct
DataFile Probe V3.0--Apr
Delta Research Deltacomm I-8500--Jan
Digital Audio Logger (Scan*Star)--Dec
DXtreme SW Reception Log V1.0--Apr
Electric Enigma CD--Jun
Electronics 2000 CD--Jul
FCC prohibits selling modified scan.--Sep
Firestik 1997 catalog--Mar
Grove FCC database V6.0--Apr
Grove price drops (news)--Oct
How-to-do-it book catalog--Jul
Klingenfuss '97 SW Freq Guide-CD--Jan
LPB complains re pirates (news)--Sep
MFJ 25th anniversary (news)--Sep
NSA gift shop--Dec
Old West Graphics (cat)--Nov
Radio London products (CD etc)-- Oct
Radio Shack (cat)--Nov
SESCOM audio transformer catalog--Mar
Tiare catalog--Jul
Tighter Customs? (news)--Jul
VLF Radio ! (cassette)--Dec
Wireman Wirebook III catlog--May
W5YI vanity call research service--Mar
Alien Abduction Alarm--Jun
Alinco DJ-X10 scanner (Grove)--Jul
AM Sounds (Am Tech)--Oct
AOR AR5000 Plus 3--Nov
AOR AR7030 Plus--Nov
AOR AR8000 withdrawn--Jun Cutting Edge Powerport--Jan
Cutting Edge PowerPort RF-35, 259--Dec
Davis WeatherLink 4 for Windows--Jul
Drake R8B--Nov
Drake SW-2--Jun
Drake TR270 FM transceiver--Aug
Electro 5-band Radio (Heartland)--Jul
Firestik Fire-Up 99--Oct
Grove SP-200B Sound Enhancer--Sep
HyperDimensionl Resonator--Jul
Icom IC-PCR1000 rcvr--Nov
Industrial Test Co Powertron 500A--Oct
JPS Spectrum display for NIR-12--Sep
JRC NRD-345--Jun
KDKA paperweight--Nov
Magellan MicroCom-M (Grove)--Apr
MFJ-281 ClearTone speaker--Dec
MFJ Morse Tutor--Mar
MFJ SlimLine keyers--Nov
MFJ-550 key--Nov
MFJ 711 TVI filter--Apr
NewsCatcher (AirMedia Live)--Feb
Nub Antenna (Grove)--Aug
O'Gara Mobilephone (Grove)--Sep
Opto R 11 Near Field Receiver--Dec
Opto Techtoyz Micro Counter--Nov
Opto Techtoyz Micro DTMF Decoder--Sep
Perry suspenders (Grove)--Jan
PhoneShield (Magellans)--Jul
RCA RP-6100,6150,6200 scanners--Oct
Radio Shack PRO-90 (Grove)--Dec
Realistic Radio Kits (Grove)--Jan
Sangean SR-77 SW portable--Mar SGC PowerClear DSP--Feb
Skymatch H800 Antenna (Grove)--Aug
SP-50/FM2 satellite rcvr (Grove)--Sep
Starbrite Liquid Electrical Tape(Grv)--May
Svetlana vacuum tubes--Jan
Uniden BCT-12 Beartracker--Feb
Uniden LRD6599SWS radar detect--Apr
Universal M-450 Decoder (Grove)--May
Universal whip (Grove)--Oct
Vibroplex Straight Key--Feb
Water Sound protector--Feb
WiNRADiO spectrum analyzer--Aug
Alinco DJ-S41--Mar
Avcom PSA65C Spectrum Analyzer--Dec
Darcy SW Booster--Mar
Magnavox WebTV--Feb
Opto Micro DTMF Decoder--Oct
Radio Plus+ Quantum Stick--Jan
Radio Shack FRS-105--Jun
Radio Shack FRS-108--Apr
Ramsey SM100 Signal Magnet kit--May
Scanner Antenna Comparisons--Sep
Uniden BC895XLT TrunkTracker--Nov
V-Link 2-way radio--Apr

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