Monitoring Times® 1996 Index

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AWR Story - 25 Years -- OCT
BC Bedfellows (WRUL & SW-4A) -- AUG
Free Radio Berkeley -- MAY
Gabon SW Broadcast Profile -- JAN
Guide to Intl BCers on the Net -- NOV
Keeping the QSL Fires Burning -- FEB
South Pacific BC History -- DEC
Voice of Oromo (intvw) -- JUN
WGTG - America's Newest SW -- JUL
Will the Sun Set on RCI? -- MAR

Human Interest:
Barry Goldwater Reflects on Radio -- JUL
Bug Hunt, Expo Style -- Oct
Grove Communications Expo '96 -- DEC
Havana Moon remembrance -- MAR
Next Parish, America -- DEC
The Inventor of Radio ...Stubblefield? -- OCT
The Subtle Art of Elmering -- JAN

1995 Index -- JAN
BBC Monitoring Service -- SEP
Bicycling with a radio -- MAR
Coordinating RF at the Olympics -- MAY
DX Camps -- FEB
FM/TV DX 101 -- JUN
Natl Assoc of BCers 96 convention -- SEP
National Weather Service -- JAN
New Olympic Technology -- NOV
Tune in Operation Joint Endeavor -- FEB
The Wullenweber Antenna -- APR
Wireless Weather Info Network -- AUG

Eyes & Ears on Baby -- DEC
Fast Food Smorgasbord -- AUG
General Mobile Radio Service -- FEB
Guide to Frugal Scanning -- JAN
Guide to Inauguration '97 -- DEC
Hot Listening in "Hot-lanta" -- JUN
LA Fire Dept Op Center -- MAR
On the Road with REACT -- JUL
Scanning Galveston Island -- AUG
Scanning the MegaMall -- NOV
Scanning the Pres Campaigns -- MAY
Seat of Your Pants DFing -- JUL
Shuttle Mission Monitoring -- SEP

Technology and Technical:
Absolute Lightning Protection -- JUL
Anyone for a Fox Hunt? -- OCT
Bus Bar Grounding -- JUL
Cable TV Signal Leakage -- JAN
Compact, efficient antennas -- APR
800 MHz Virtual Downconverter -- FEB
Get in the Mediumwave Loop -- NOV
ICOM's R8500 vs. AOR's AR-5000 -- NOV
Improved VHF/UHF TV & FM Recep -- APR
Magic Wand Portable Antenna -- APR
Operation Skyhook (putting up dipole)APR
Survive a Computer Virus -- SEP
Vertical Antennas for SW -- APR
Who's Playing Hell with HAARP? -- OCT

Anchors Aweigh for Great DX -- MAY


JAN -- Internet Resources for domestic DX
FEB -- The world above 1600 kHz
MAR -- Anatomy of an AM Antenna
APR -- The Telecom Act & DX
MAY -- TV DX Season
JUN -- TV's Most Exotic DX; Expanded band update
JUL -- A Station of my Own
AUG -- DX Tips & Tricks; KTRK on Expanded Band
SEP -- Getting on the Air (experimental licenses); Staying on the Air (new FCC regs)
OCT -- TV by the Numbers (digital TV)
NOV -- What's in a Name? (origin of station calls)
DEC -- Clear(?) Channels, history, allocations; Expanded band news


JAN -- Gain & Directivity with a Sloper Dipole
FEB -- Two Classic Antenna Books: old antenna theory vs. today's
MAR -- Same antenna, different results - effects of earth on patterns
APR -- Size, Gain, and Practical Results
MAY -- The Hydrochloric Acid Antenna
JUN -- Kite-Supported Antennas
JUL -- The Legendary Dipole
AUG -- EME: Ultimate Weak Signal Work
SEP -- Antenna Tuners: Help or Hindrance?
OCT -- HF Groundplane Antenna
NOV -- Conformal antennas; Experimental Antenna Topics and superconducting antennas
DEC -- Microwaves; antenna modeling


JAN -- Roots: Building crystal receivers
FEB -- Used Receivers
MAR -- How to Read Hauser, etc.
APR -- Amateur Radio Reading
MAY -- Stealth Monitoring
JUN -- Going Down (LF DXing)
JUL -- Inspired by Mildew
AUG -- The $100 Ham Station
SEP -- Radio ain't Television (do your own digging)
OCT -- Uncle Skip Rethinks his Antennas
NOV -- Beyond the Fringe
DEC -- The Art of Code

BELOW 500 kHz

JAN -- Logging techniques
FEB -- European longwave
MAR -- Lowfer Update
APR -- News & Loggings
MAY -- QSLing Your Catch
JUN -- Surfing for Longwaves (Web sites)
JUL -- Top End Tour
AUG -- Is it sound or radio?; Longwave
SEP -- European Beacon Book; NAVTEX Cutback
OCT -- Longwave Intrigue (beacon PYD; negative keying); new resources
NOV -- Portable antenna pick-ups; DXing Cuban NDBs; WWVB transmitter increase; 73 kHz news
DEC -- Whistlers, Sferics, & Tweeks, oh my!


JAN -- PRO 2042 vs. 2035: is there a difference?
FEB -- BC230XLT vs. BC220XLT; keep coil windings from slipping; shut off PRO43 beep; What are the tropical bands?
MAR -- Wide Freq Coverage on Regency 4020?
APR -- Cell restoration on PRO2035,2042; Button Beartracker Beep
MAY -- Invisible Antennas
JUN -- More on Current Flow
JUL -- Those Triangular Towers
AUG -- Solar Batteries
SEP -- Sony 2010 Battery hints
OCT -- Wireless phone jack system makes new monitoring target
NOV -- Oto Xplorer cellular restoration
DEC -- Hand-held radio stand


JAN -- Equipment: Room for more?
FEB -- The Scam That Wouldn't Die (Spectrum Antenna)
MAR -- A Theory of Technological Evolution
APR -- The Telecom Act - More protection than we need?
MAY -- War of the Web: Round Two (by David Lindsay)
JUN -- State of the economy
JUL -- Radio Listeners: Are we really a threat?
AUG -- Random Reflections
SEP -- What the Heck is PCS?
OCT -- The Pendulum Swings
NOV -- Reporting What You Overheard - Is it ever legal?
DEC -- Greetings from MT staff


JAN -- SatellitePro (Zephyr Services)
FEB -- Lowe Airmaster 2.0 ACARS decoder
MAR -- Market Watching; Scan Star Update
APR -- AEA ACARS; ScanCat hardware - UniVersatile Interface
MAY -- CAT squelch adapters (Yaesu, ICOM, universal)
JUN -- K&L Message Tracker
JUL -- Predictions / CD ROMs (HamCall and Electronic Software Compendium)
AUG -- AEA's new software: Pakratt for Windows 2.0, Log Windows
SEP -- WiNRADiO: 0.5 to 1300 MHz
OCT -- WiNRADiO: Win-win?
NOV -- News bytes, and Universal Radio ACT-1 ACARS
DEC -- Surfing for Monitoring Web Sites


JAN -- Build a Multipurpose Broadband Amp
FEB -- Learning to Work with Diodes
MAR -- Easy Circuit Boards
APR -- Minimize Man-Made QRN
MAY -- Build a Noise Squelcher
JUN -- How to Tune Random-Length Antennas
JUL -- Revitalizing Older Receivers
AUG -- One Feed Line-Three Antennas
SEP -- Choosing the Right Capacitor
OCT -- Simple Receiver for the Beginner
NOV -- Working with Toroids
DEC -- Be a Mini-MF or LF Broadcaster


JAN -- Internet for utilities
APR -- High Seas Hi-Jinx (SITOR msgs)
JUL -- Digital Comms on Air and Sea (DACARS, Russian RTTY, USCG System Coordination Net)
OCT -- Review: Hoka Code-3 Gold


JAN -- Upgrading Computers - Part 3
FEB -- Upgrading Computers - Part 4
MAR -- PRO-26 S Meters and NFM Discriminator Magic
APR -- Ways to Design Circuits - Part 1
MAY -- Ways to Design Circuits - Part 2
JUN -- Ways to Design Circuits - Part 3
JUL -- Ways to Design Circuits - Concl
AUG -- LED Voltmeter
SEP -- Tone Detector-Decoder
OCT -- Directional Scanner Beam
NOV -- ProbeScope from Radio Shack
DEC -- Freq Record-keeping made easy (APFTools)


JAN -- Dept of Agriculture; Mineral Mgt Service; winter resolutions; Army police
FEB -- FEMA telecommunications; Federal security, gov't or private? security freqs
MAR -- Guarding Royal Visitors; Latin American military freqs; Gulfport Navy Seabee Center; US Forest Service Calif freqs; lesser-known Dept of Justice freqs; Yellowstone Park
APR -- Alaska, HAARP; Army Corps of Engineers; Wright-Patterson AFB; NY area & McGuire AFB freqs
MAY -- Mountain or Molehill? (unid rptr); Wash DC Monitoring
JUN -- Gov Surveillance Freqs - To publish or not to publish?
JUL -- Eavesdropping on Houston's Mission Control Center; Manchester, KY, federal prison; Postal Inspection freqs; Disaster Preparedness unused freqs?
AUG -- Towers off Key West related to Fed agency office closings? Privacy soapbox; websites
SEP -- Coast Guard to the Rescue; Radio Shack wireless transmitter sale
OCT -- Federal freqs at the Olympics; Feds on INMARSAT; Bureau of Prisons; Cactus; Gulf towers again
NOV -- Telling who's who without a program; Nat'l Forest freqs; low power freqs
DEC -- Modern Technology Catches Up (K&L Message Tracker); Fed Protection Agencies; Radio Traffic at OKC; no freqs off-limits


MAR -- Buying equipment (recycled)
JUN -- CB - The Ultimate Frugal Radio
SEP -- Mobile Installations
DEC -- Packet for the Penny-Pincher


(Reprints of Magne Tests reviews are not available.)
JAN -- Lab measurements and features
FEB -- Sony ICF-SW1000T
MAR -- Grundig Traveller II
APR -- AOR AR7030
MAY -- Drake R8A
JUN -- Radio Shack DX394
JUL -- Sony ICF-SW40
AUG -- Drake SW-1
SEP -- Sangean ATS 909
OCT -- BayGen Free-Play
NOV -- Drake's Little Secret: the "SW8A"
DEC -- Sangean ATS 303 Portable


JAN -- Sites that combine technologies
FEB -- How to get on the Internet
MAR -- Old-time radio on the net
APR -- No News is Not Good News
MAY -- Beating our own Drum (Grove site)
JUN -- Audio on the Internet


JAN -- Using old commercial gear
FEB -- Surplus Saga Continues; Hamcalc
MAR -- A Computer in the Ham Shack
APR -- Info Sources for the New Ham
MAY -- Better QSO's; Games; Vibroplex Bug; boat mount; Field Day
JUN -- Amplitude Modulation; Phonetic Alphabet
JUL -- Going Mobile
AUG -- Building QRP
SEP -- Low Band Lowdown, equip and antennas; Vibroplex key IDed
OCT -- Plotting the MUF (Bandaid); QSOs
NOV -- Heath HW-9 drift fix and offset adjustment
DEC -- Apartment Dweller's Joystick


JAN -- Quebec Clan; new Black Book editor
FEB -- Pirate Radio book; Fundacion home page; KIWI still heard; FCC downsizing
MAR -- '94,'95 Pirate Activity; Weiner's New Ship; Ham Band Pirate; Pirate Book
APR -- La Voz del Cid, La Voz Popular; Local FM Pirates
MAY -- Cuban Clans, Web sites, Texas pirate, local pirates, PiPa/FRW merger
JUN -- Micro Pirates Widespread; Radio Alpha jamming RHC; Cumbre book project; Pirate awards; when to hear pirates
JUL -- Govts Close Community Radio Stations; Clandestine Web sites; Pirate Radio Directory; K-2000 popular pirate winnter
AUG -- NA Pirates Heard in Eur & Asia; Bougainville Verie; Europirate web sites
SEP -- Nigerian RDI changes sked; Costa Rican station arrests; Tasmanian pirate
OCT -- R. Patria Libre returns; R Democrat Intl; Greek MW pirates; RFS mail trouble; KAOS official QSL
NOV -- New Name for Nigerian Clan; Bougainville pirate? Wellsville maildrop replaced; FRN Grapevine returns; Europirate reception
DEC -- Need more pirate sources?; R Kudirat time change; R Patria Libre sked; R Marti


OCT -- Emerging PCS Technologies: FCC auctions; narrowband; broadband; unlicensed, Sprint Spectrum
NOV -- Cellular history, frequency divisions, duplex; why PCS is no substitute for public service agency trunked radios
DEC -- Cellular Signalling; modern-day scams


JAN -- Volmet weather; City/Airport IDs; aero software update
FEB -- Commercial Ground Stations; Domestic VHF Voice Services
MAR -- Frequently Asked Questions
APR -- The Bay Area TRACON
MAY -- 50 Yrs before the Concorde (Lockheed Constellation); more Volmets
JUN -- Readers' Corner - City codes; Sea-Tac freqs; "Lifeguard" flights; Dakar Aeradio; aero disk offer
JUL -- Oceanic Air Traffic Control new system
AUG -- Airport Ground Control
SEP -- SELCAL Directory; Cincinnati and Louisville freqs; Terminology; contest
OCT -- Radio Navigation: Radio Beacons
NOV -- Omni-Directional VHF/UHF NAVAIDS
DEC -- NAVAIDS: distance measuring equipment


FEB -- World's Oldest non-US Station; Silicon Valley - hi-tech roots
MAY -- The Baron of Homespun - Powell Crosley
AUG -- SWLing in the Early 40s
NOV -- Real Radios Glow in the Dark (re Jack Hofeld of Antique Radio Store)


JAN -- Stealth TVRO: Hiding your dish; global updates; MMDS notes
FEB -- Making Connections; updates on Telstar 402R, Alphastar, DBS race, HDTV
MAR -- New Satellites; HDTV update; AMSAT update; SCPC answers
APR -- FM in Your Backyard - Audio Subcarriers
MAY -- TVRO Meets the Internet (Skylink); Transponder Notes; DSS break?; SCPC answers
JUN -- Satellite Broadcasting Guide 96 review; FCC supports dish owners; new channels and Anik problems
JUL -- Ingenius' Xchange Revisited
AUG -- Repairing TVRO Gear
SEP -- World Viewing (the International Channel)
OCT -- Universal's SCPC-200 Satellite Audio Receiver
NOV -- SBCA Show: Futurewatch
DEC -- Baylin Pubs: "Miniature Satellite Dishes," Home Satellite TV Installation & Troubleshooting Manual"


JAN -- Plectron and Motorola Alert crystal scanners
FEB -- Radio Shack PRO-2042
MAR -- Fixing Older Bearcat Scanners
MAY -- IF Compendium
JUN -- Mods & Tips for BC9000XLT (keyboard trick, add jack for CTCSS reader, expand 800 MHz coverage, auto-store strategy)
JUL -- Max Systems discone / Beartracker BCT- 10
AUG -- Control Tape Recorder w/your Scanner (BMI Nitelogger II)
SEP -- Electra Corporation Lives!; Carrier-activated lamp and backlight disable switch for PRO-2022; baseband audio tap for PRO-2042; hot transformer may be OK; Yaesu FT50R dual-band walkie-talkie
OCT -- Radio Shack PRO-2046 Mobile Scanner
NOV -- Build a mobile mount for your radio
DEC -- AOR's AR5000 All-in-one Receiver


JAN -- Antenna Farms; Curtis ESN phone reader; beeper monitoring; antenna safety; IF explanation
FEB -- Staying in Hot Water; Wash & Wear Radio; radar and scanning; mall freqs; line repair crews; movie crews; bear tracking collars
MAR -- Scanning at the CES Show; Road-hazard alerting system; Las Vegas freq finding
APR -- Scanning Amplified (preamps); Scanners in Movies and TV; monitoring trunked sytems; accurate frequency reports
MAY -- Scanning on the (W-S) Cable Channel; Trunking survey
JUN -- Scanning for Information on Line (Motorola press releases)
JUL -- Scanning into the Wild Blue Yonder (airport scanning); your favorite scanner; convention update; mailbag (Buffalo)
AUG -- Bunking with Trunking; other data activity; trunking in Huntsville, AL
SEP -- Searching for school bus freq; more scanning on cable TV; end of RCMA?; rumor New Hampshire not moving to digital; scanners in movies
OCT -- Wanted-Used Scanners; RCMA Kansas column; all-time favorite scanner
NOV -- Mall Call; drive-through dilemma; wrong about NH; digital Olympics?; favorite scanner; Cajun freqs
DEC -- The Great School Bus Caper; short history of shared repeaters; using the direct approach; scanners on film; scanning in NYC

Frequency Exchange (in state order)
City/State Issue --
Breckenridge, CO -- Feb
Windsor, CT -- Jan
Jacksonville, FL -- Mar
Sarasota/Bradenton, FL -- Apr
Atlanta, GA -- Jan
Atlanta, GA, (trunked) -- Mar
Jefferson Co, ID -- Jan
Hanna City, IL -- Feb
Jackson Co, GA -- Feb
Shreveport, LA -- Nov
St. Bernard, LA -- Apr
Massachusetts Bay TA, MA -- Jan
Bloomington, MN -- Jan
Bloomington, MN (revisited) -- Apr
Hickory Grove, MS -- Feb
Sun Prairie, MT -- Feb
Las Vegas, NV -- Jan
Buffalo, NY -- May
Buffalo, NY -- Jul
New York City, NY -- Dec
Lancaster, PA -- May
Philadelphia, PA -- Feb
Wilkes-Barre, PA -- Feb
Anderson Co, SC -- Jan
Conway, SC -- Jan
Seattle, WA -- Feb


JAN -- Wireless Publishing
FEB -- GPS is Everywhere
MAR -- Rising Tide of Wireless (AT&T, Sprint, Nexus)
APR -- Is Wireless for Real?
MAY -- Let There be Wireless (imminent developments)
JUN -- Computer LANs going Wireless
JUL -- Accurate GPS? Maybe someday
AUG -- Wireless Web Allocations & news
SEP -- Rising costs of wireless phone services


JAN -- VOA ute test station; RAF Volmet shifts; AWACS callsigns; Mystic Star freqs/designators
FEB -- USAF MARS Stations Closing; ARIA has moved; MOSSAD nets
MAR -- USAF MARS; Bosnia IFOR aircraft
APR -- USAF MARS Going, almost Gone; Joint Endeavor Follow-Up; Where is 3E7?; Numbers stations and Internet; DoD Flight Info Pubs
MAY -- Maritime Safety Broadcasts (NAVTEX skeds & freqs)
JUN -- FBI on HF (freqs & callsigns)
JUL -- Monitoring the National Guard; Australian Antarctic Comms; Ute World hits 100
AUG -- It's Zulu Time - New Zulu designators and background; US Customs on HF; FACSFAC and Bluestar
SEP -- NASA Aircraft (registration list); Esteem Highly and White Pinnacle IDed; fire season freqs
OCT -- Who is Herb?; Maritime simplex channels; CAP frequencies and callsigns
NOV -- Marine HF Scaling Down; RTTY press services leave HF; bad times in Bangui; troubles in Bahrain; LNZA ID'ed; Aviateca freq; Zulu designator update
DEC -- Raymond Callsigns; TACAMO assuming Looking Glass role; New Royal Air Force Freqs & Desig


A Basement Seat to History -- Aug
Advanced Television Systems -- May
ARRL Handbook (74th) -- Dec
Auto Audio -- Sep
Broadcast News: Writing, Reporting -- Apr
Broadcast Sound Technology -- Apr
CB Modification Secrets -- Jun
CB Audio -- Jul
Clandestine Stations (DSWCI) -- Jul
Cop Speak -- Apr
Crystal Radio:History,Fund & Design -- Oct
Crystal Sets (No 5) -- Jul
Easy Calculator Math for Electronics -- Aug
Electronics books from McGraw-Hill -- Apr
Electronic Media Law -- Feb
Emergency Scanning -- Mar
Essential Radio: Travelers Guide -- Jun
Fla Radio Hobby Clubs -- Nov
Global BCing Systems -- Jan
Go Mobile at 500 Watts -- Oct
Guide to Utility Radio Stations 1996 -- Mar
Ham Price Guide -- May
Heathkit guide -- Mar
IC Master -- Dec
Inductor Handbook -- Sep
Internet Radio Guide -- Sep
Klingenfuss,Radio Data Code Man -- Oct
Klingenfuss, Worldwide Wefax Serv -- Nov
Lenk's Television Handbook -- May
Low & Medium Freq Scrapbook -- Jun
M-Street Radio Directory -- Mar
Mobile Cellular Telecoms -- Feb
Monitor America (#3) -- Jan
Monitoring Cellular Phones -- Feb
Monitoring the Feds -- Aug
More Antennas out of Thin Air -- Oct
National Scanning Report -- Nov
NRC Distance and Bearing Handbook -- Nov
NRC Night Pattern Book -- Jun
NYC Fire Dept Monitoring -- Nov
Official Connecticut Freq Guide -- Jan
Official Conn Freq Guide (pocket) -- Jul
Official Maine Freq Guide -- Apr
Official Mass Freq Guide (pocket) -- Feb
Official New England Freq Guide -- Aug
Official New Hampshire Guide -- Mar
Pager Handbook forRadio Amateur -- Oct
Passport to World Band Radio 1997 -- Nov
Pirate Radio -- Feb
Pirate Radio Directory -- Jul
Police Call Plus -- Jan
Radio Listeners Guide -- Mar
Radio Programming -- Sep
Railroad Radio -- Nov
Same Time, Same Station -- Feb
Scanner Listener's Reference Manual -- Sep
Scanner Modifications & Antennas -- Jun
Scanning w/the Experts -- Apr
Shortwave Listening on the Road -- Jun
Six Meters: Guide to Magic Band -- Jun
South Asia Radio Guide -- Jun
Spectrum Guide #3 -- Nov
State PD and SHP Badge Guide -- May
SW Utility Station DXing -- May
Transmitter Documentation Project -- Mar
Transmitters, Exciters, & Power Amps -- Dec
Tropical Bands Survey -- Jun
Tune in on Telephone Calls (#3) -- Jan
Ultimate Spy Book -- Jul
Visual Dict of Spec Military Forces -- Aug
Washington-Baltimore Almanac -- Feb
Wireless Basics -- Jun
When the Big One Hits -- Oct
World Radio TV Handbook #50 -- Mar
Worldwide Shortwave Listening Guide -- Aug

Software, Videos, Services, etc.
AEA ACARS demodulator -- Jan
AEA catalog -- Apr
AEA More University (soft) -- Sep
Buckmasters HamCall CD-ROM -- Mar
Business News(USSN,RCMA,Tucker) -- Oct
Business news (from Expo) -- Dec
Callbook-on-disk (UK) -- Jan
CQ VHF: Ham Radio (mag) -- Jan
CyberHam (mag) -- Aug
Datafile Probe Version 2.0 (soft) -- Apr
Dynatech Tactical Comms catalog -- Dec
Early Days of Radio Society -- Oct
East Anglian Productions"Don't Touch
-- That Dial!" Pirate CDs -- Dec
Eddyworks AR8000 Toolkit -- May
Fire Dept NY videotapes -- Feb
Grove Expo '96 on tape -- Dec
Grove FCC CD-ROM v6.0 -- May
Harlan Tech Color Slow Scan TV -- Jan
Heathkit catalog -- Jan
Hoka Code-3 Gold -- Oct
Interference Handbook via Web -- Jun
Marlin P. Jones (cat) -- Mar
Message Tracker -- Feb
MetroWest catalog -- Apr
Micropower radio news -- Oct
M*Log logging software -- Jul
Radio Manager for Windows -- Sep
Radio Spirits catalog -- May
RAG Electronics catalog -- Apr
Rocky Mountain VHF+ (newsletter) -- Sep
SCA brochure from B. Elving -- May
SESCOM Constructor's Hrdwr Cat -- Jul
Spectrum Wall Chart -- Oct
10-code card -- Jan
Techni-Tool (cat) -- Sep
Telecomm&Multimedia Encyc (CD) -- Nov
The Scanning Club -- Feb
The Wireman -- Feb
TV Guide Specialists (cat) -- Jul
WeatherBrief (modem & softare) -- Apr

AEA Halo 6-m antenna -- Nov
Aiwa HS-TS500 SW receiver -- Jan
American Tech Corp AM Sounds -- Jul
AOR AR5000 receiver -- Mar
AOR AR7000 -- Sep
Bilal Isotron 160C vertical HF ant -- Nov
BMI Nitelogger II -- Jan
BMI Nightlogger II -- Jul
Cherokee AH-27 handheld CB -- Oct
Com Spec TE-64D tone encoder -- Dec
Cutting Edge Power Port -- May
Drake SW1 -- Jul
Drake SW8 case + mods -- Aug
Dressler ara2000 antenna -- Mar
Firestik 2MP-4 mobile antenna -- Sep
Firestik no ground plane kits -- Oct
Grove Deluxe Mobile Organizer -- Jul
(Grove) Genesys G-1 antenna -- Jul
Grove Noise canceling mobile speaker -- Sep
Grove parts assortments -- Jan
Grove sun visor mobile spkr -- Sep
Grove TUN-4A -- Feb
Grove Universal Converter -- May
Grove Universal Mobile pwr convtr -- May
Hamco Tape Tenna -- Feb
Hamtronics R139 WeSat rcvr kit -- May
Hamtronics RWX Weather Receiver -- Sep
ICOM R8500 -- Jul
ICOM Improves R8500 -- Dec
Jade Prod gell-cell battery controller -- Sep
Jensen Steam Engine -- Jun
Jensen Tools aluminum cases -- Mar
Kiwa DX-394 filter mods -- Jan
Kiwa premium filter for 455 kHz IF -- Aug
Kiwa Pocket Loop -- Feb
Max System 900 MHz discone -- Jun
MFJ G5RV antenna -- Jun
MFJ-462B Multi-reader -- Apr
MFJ-864 Watt Meter -- Jul
Optoelectronics Optolinx interface -- May
Optoelectronics Xplorer -- Jul
Palomar P-508 Preselector -- May
Radio Plus Q-Stick & Q-S+ antenna -- May
Radio Shack HTX242 Txr -- Sep
Radio Shack, new scanners -- Nov
Ramsey FM-10,-25,-100 -- Aug
R.Scott Com, FM transmitters -- Nov
Sadelta CB mikes -- Feb
ShieldWorks CyberCap, etc. -- Dec
Sony DSS system -- Feb
Tucker 2 meter amps -- Sep
Uniden BCT-10 Beartracker -- Jan
Uniden Pro350XL CB -- Feb
Universal SCPC-200 -- Jun
Yupiteru MVT-7200 -- Mar

ANLI RD8H, RD78H, AT-2 antennas -- May
Caig DeoxIT D5 -- Mar
DXAID 4.5 -- Feb
GAP "Titan DX" antenna -- Aug
Grove TUN-4A -- Jun
ICOM R-8500 vs. AOR AR-5000 (fea) -- Nov
LF Eng SkyMatch Active Antenna -- Oct
Optoelectronics OS535 Interface -- Jul
Optoelectronics Xplorer -- Dec
Sky Scan Desk 1300 antenna -- Apr
Sony SRF-42 AM Walkman -- Jan

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